Odisha Pin Codes

Pin Codes of Anugul District

Pin Codes of Anugul District

Angul District Pin Code list is displayed in this page. You to find all city Pin codes of Angul District using our Odisha Pin code database or Angul Pin Code locator. There are total 233 Post offices in Angul district. It is difficult to remember all 233 Angul Pincodes. So here we have provided the Angul Pin Code Database which helps to locate the Pin code of Angul.

Head Post office in Angul, Odisha

Contact Address:
Postmaster, Anugul Post Office, District – Angul , India (IN), Pin Code:- 759122 .

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Angul district, Odisha

Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aida B.OAngul759125
Angapada B.OAngul759126
Angul H.OAngul759122
Ankula B.OAngul759132
Arahat B.OAngul759128
Arkil B.OAngul759100
Athamallik S.OAngul759125
Badagundari B.OAngul759117
Badajarada B.OAngul759103
Badakantakul B.OAngul759129
Badakera B.OAngul759132
Badakhali B.OAngul759128
Badasada B.OAngul759118
Badatribida B.OAngul759117
Badkerjang B.OAngul759143
Bagedia S.OAngul759141
Bajrakote B.OAngul759105
Balanda S.OAngul759116
Balanga B.OAngul759132
Balaramprasad B.OAngul759128
Balasinga B.OAngul759129
Balipasi B.OAngul759105
Balipatta B.OAngul759124
Ballahar Chhak B.OAngul759104
Baluakata B.OAngul759129
Bamur B.OAngul759126
Banarpal S.OAngul759128
Bandhabhuin B.OAngul759119
Bantala S.OAngul759129
Baragounia B.OAngul759129
Barasahi B.OAngul759141
Barkotia B.OAngul759118
Basala B.OAngul759129
Basantapur B.OAngul759141
Bedasasan B.OAngul759129
Bhejigotha B.OAngul759125
Bijigol B.OAngul759117
Bileinali B.OAngul759125
Bimalabeda B.OAngul759127
Biru B.OAngul759100
Bonda B.OAngul759128
Brahmanbil B.OAngul759130
Budhapanka B.OAngul759128
Burukuna B.OAngul759100
Chainpal Colony S.OAngul759104
Champatimunda B.OAngul759132
Changudia B.OAngul759130
Chasagurjang B.OAngul759119
Chhendipada S.OAngul759124
Dandasinga B.OAngul759127
Danra B.OAngul759103
Deepasikha S.OAngul759147
Dera S.OAngul759103
Derang B.OAngul759117
Deulbera Colliery S.OAngul759102
Dharampur B.OAngul759100
Dhokuta B.OAngul759129
Dimiria B.OAngul759119
Durgapur B.OAngul759127
Durgapur B.OAngul759100
Ekagharia B.OAngul759100
Gaham B.OAngul759100
Gandamala B.OAngul759105
Garh Santiri B.OAngul759128
Garh Taras B.OAngul759129
Ghantapada B.OAngul759103
Ghosar B.OAngul759126
Gobara B.OAngul759103
Golabandha B.OAngul759143
Gopalprasad B.OAngul759103
Gotamara B.OAngul759128
Gurujang B.OAngul759100
Hakimpada S.OAngul759143
Hamamira B.OAngul759129
Handapa B.OAngul759127
Handidhua B.OAngul759100
Hensamul B.OAngul759103
Himitira B.OAngul759126
Hulurisinga S.OAngul759132
Injidi B.OAngul759118
Inkarabandha B.OAngul759129
Jagannathpur B.OAngul759104
Jagannathpur B.OAngul759132
Jamardihi B.OAngul759119
Jamudoli B.OAngul759125
Jarada B.OAngul759127
Jarada B.OAngul759117
Jarapada B.OAngul759127
Jarasingha B.OAngul759143
Jeranga Dehuri Sahi B.OAngul759127
Jharabeda B.OAngul759119
Jindal Nagar S.OAngul759111
Kadalimunda B.OAngul759126
Kakudia B.OAngul759117
Kalamchhuin B.OAngul759103
Kalandapal B.OAngul759128
Kalyanpur B.OAngul759126
Kampala B.OAngul759125
Kampsala B.OAngul759130
Kanaloi B.OAngul759141
Kandasar B.OAngul759145
Kandhalo B.OAngul759100
Kandhapada B.OAngul759125
Kangula B.OAngul759132
Kaniha S.OAngul759117
Kankili B.OAngul759100
Kansamunda B.OAngul759117
Kantapada B.OAngul759125
Kanteikolia B.OAngul759127
Kantiapasi B.OAngul759100
Karadagadia B.OAngul759132
Karadapal B.OAngul759119
Karnapur B.OAngul759103
Katada B.OAngul759127
Khalari B.OAngul759132
Khalibereni B.OAngul759128
Khamar S.OAngul759118
Khandahatta B.OAngul759132
Khemla B.OAngul759119
Khinda B.OAngul759129
Kiakata B.OAngul759126
Kishoreganj S.OAngul759127
Korada B.OAngul759127
Kosala S.OAngul759130
Kothabhuin B.OAngul759127
Krutibaspur B.OAngul759125
Kudugaon B.OAngul759125
Kuio B.OAngul759123
Kukudang B.OAngul759123
Kukurpeta B.OAngul759124
Kulad B.OAngul759145
Kulei B.OAngul759146
Kuluma B.OAngul759105
Kumanda B.OAngul759143
Kumunda B.OAngul759103
Kumursinga B.OAngul759129
Kunjam B.OAngul759118
Kurudol B.OAngul759123
Luhamunda B.OAngul759127
Luhasinga B.OAngul759125
Lunahandi B.OAngul759125
Machhakuta B.OAngul759124
Madhapur B.OAngul759125
Maimura B.OAngul759125
Manapur B.OAngul759129
Munduribeda B.OAngul759118
Nagaon B.OAngul759125
Nagira B.OAngul759119
Nakchi B.OAngul759126
Nalam B.OAngul759117
Nalconagar S.OAngul759145
Nandapur B.OAngul759132
Natada B.OAngul759123
Nehru Satabdi Nagar(Bharatpu)r S.OAngul759148
Nisha B.OAngul759130
Nuagaon B.OAngul759141
Nuahata B.OAngul759128
Nuakheta B.OAngul759129
Nuapada B.OAngul759124
Odasha B.OAngul759118
Oskapalli B.OAngul759126
P.T.C. Angul S.OAngul759123
Padmabatipur B.OAngul759103
Paiksahi B.OAngul759125
Pallahara S.OAngul759119
Papsara B.OAngul759127
Para B.OAngul759127
Parabil B.OAngul759100
Parang B.OAngul759143
Paratara B.OAngul759132
Patakumunda B.OAngul759141
Patrapada B.OAngul759141
Pedipathar B.OAngul759127
Phapanda B.OAngul759119
Pipalabahal B.OAngul759141
Podagarh B.OAngul759105
Podapada B.OAngul759124
Poipal B.OAngul759117
Pokatunga B.OAngul759129
Puruna Manitiri B.OAngul759125
Purunagarh B.OAngul759132
Purunakote B.OAngul759132
Radharamanpur B.OAngul759100
Raijharan B.OAngul759130
Rainali B.OAngul759125
Rajdang B.OAngul759118
Rajkishorenagar S.OAngul759126
Raniakata B.OAngul759126
Rantalei B.OAngul759132
Rengali B.OAngul759105
Rengali Dam Site S.OAngul759105
Sahara Gurjang B.OAngul759119
Saida B.OAngul759119
Sakasingha B.OAngul759123
Samal B.OAngul759100
Samal Barrage Township S.OAngul759037
Sanahulla B.OAngul759125
Sanatribida B.OAngul759117
Sanjamura B.OAngul759126
Sankapur B.OAngul759129
Sankhamur B.OAngul759118
Santarabandha B.OAngul759130
Santhapada B.OAngul759104
Sapoinali B.OAngul759141
Saradhapur B.OAngul759132
Saradhapur B.OAngul759100
Seegarh B.OAngul759119
Seepur B.OAngul759100
Siarimalia B.OAngul759119
Solada B.OAngul759103
Tainsi B.OAngul759127
Talagarh B.OAngul759129
Talcher R.S. B.OAngul759100
Talcher S.OAngul759100
Talcher Thermal S.OAngul759101
Talcher Town S.OAngul759107
Talmul S.OAngul759040
Tangiri B.OAngul759141
Tapdhol B.OAngul759127
Tentulei B.OAngul759103
Tentuloi B.OAngul759124
Thakurgarh B.OAngul759125
Tikarapada B.OAngul759132
Tubey B.OAngul759132
Tukuda B.OAngul759127
Tulasipal B.OAngul759128
Turang B.OAngul759123
Tusar B.OAngul759126
Ugi B.OAngul759127
Urukela B.OAngul759126
Vikrampur S.OAngul759106



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