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10 Wonderful Anchoring Personalities in Odisha TV industry

Anchoring is definitely not an easy job to do. It requires an equal amount of talent as well as hard work. You must be a good speaker first of all. Your pronunciations should be very clear and correct. Then you must possess nice presentation skills. Again, your body language is very important too. Keeping all of this in your mind, it’s a tough task to perform well. Being a good anchor, one should maintain the perfect combinations between the elements and try to synchronize them so as to give the best performance.

Ollywood industry is gifted with many such wonderful anchoring personalities, may it be reality show, talk show, comedy show or anything.

Here comes the list of best 10 anchors of Odisha.

1. Kuna Tripathy (News Fuse, a show in OTV)

2. Budhaditya Mohanty (Sadhaba Bohu, a game show in Tarang TV)

3. Manoranjan Mishra (Janamancha, a talk show in OTV)

4. Pupinder singh (Reality show in Sarthak TV, OTV, Tarang tv etc.)

5. Snigdha Mohanty (Ambika Khudinka Handisala, a food show in Tarang TV)

6. Sulagna Routray (Reality show in SarthakTV, OTV, Tarang tv etc)

7. Pinky Pradhan (Boom Sakalaka, a dance show in ETV odia)

8. Gungun (phone-In, Malamaal, a reality show in Tarang TV)

9. Pupul Bhuyan (Reality show in Sarthak TV, OTV, Tarang tv etc)

10. Ananya Ojha (Reality show in Sarthak TV, OTV, Tarang tv etc)

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