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Top 10 Railway Stations

#1. Bhubaneswar Railway Station(BBSR)

At the heart of the capital city of Bhubaneswar lies Bhubaneswar Railway Station(BBS),which serves Bhubaneswar as the largest railway hub of the state. Bhubaneswar railway station,located at Master Canteen square, is also the headquarters of the East Coast Railway Zone of the Indian Railways. The railway station has an elevation of 33.22 meters(109.0ft) from the mean sea level. With a total platform of 6 and 8 traks on the way,the railway station connects the Howrah-Chennai Main Line and the Kharagpur-Puri line.

The building style of the station is standard on ground station with availibilty of parking space and access for the disabled. Bhubaneswar railways station comes under the East Coast Railway and Khurda division. The whole station is now electrified and maintains a huge traffic of more than 1.5 Lakh everyday.

Bhubaneswar railway track and station was built during 1893 to 1896.

Bhubaneswar railway station shares a large and user friendly infrastructure with all the necessary announcements and affordability. Lift system,Drinking water facility, Passenges waiting for train. The Wi-Fi facility has been provided by RailTel incorporation with Google.

The Station code for Bhubaneswar Railway Station is BBS.

BBSR railway station image

#2. Puri Railway Station(PURI)

The town of Lord jagannath , Puri is served by the puri railway station. It also serves as a terminal train station of Odisha  where every traines see a return path as there is no way forward.

Elevated at 12m (39 ft) above the mean sea level,Puri Railway Station comes under the East Coast Railways and has 8 platforms with tracks consisting of 1,676 mm line.

The main line connected is Kharagpur-Puri. Puri Railway station is under the khurda division.

The rilway station is built in standard ground type and parking is accessible. All and well provision for drinking water,washrooms and passenger’s halt. Also, free Wi-Fi is available.

Puri railway station was built in 1897. Its previous names were East Coast State Railway, Bengal Nagpur Railway.

The station code for railway station is PURI.


#3. Cuttack Junction (CTC)

The silver city of Cuttack seeks its board rail services from the Cuttack Junction railway station is one of the CuttackJunction railway station which one of the busiest and largest railway junction of Odisha.

It is elevated at 36m(118 ft) from the mean sea level, with Kharagpur Puri being the main line. Other lines are cuttack – Paradeep, Cuttack- sambalpur. There are 5 platforms for halt with a track length of 1,676 mm. The construction structure type is standard like that of on ground station and parking is available with accessibilty for the disabled.The whole station is electrified. All the basic necessities like waiting hall, drinking water are available.

The station is completely electrified.

Cuttack junction railway station was opened in 1986.

The station code for Cuttack is CTC.

#4. Rourkela Junction (Rou)

Rourkela junction is a railway station in the north west part of Odisha. The railway station serves Rourkela city in Sundargarh district.

Gitanjali express (Mumbai CSTM – Howarh) finds its way through Rourkela junction.

Located Near the new bus s tand of Rourkela City, the railway station is elevated  at 219m(719 ft) above the mean sea level. The lines connects through Tatanagar-Bilashpur section of Howarh-Nagpur-Mumbai line, Rourkela-Ranchi section of Rourkela-Hatia-Ranchi line.

There are 5 platforms and the track guage length is 1,676 mm.

Being one of the busiest railway stations of the town, Rourkela junction is built in standard on ground structure. It comes in the South Eastern Railway under Chakradharpur division. The whole sttaion iselectrified with basic necessities available.

Rourkela junction was built in 1961-62. It was previously known by Bengal Nagpur Railway.

The station cod efor Rourkela junction is ROU.

Rourkela junction

#5. Titlagarh junction (TIG)

Titlagarh railway station is a major railway junction that serves Titlegarh town.

In Balangir district. Most people from the near by villages and cities depend upon the railway junction.

The railway station has got an elevation of 215 m(705 ft) above the sea level. It comes under the East Coast  Railway and the lines connected through this railway station are jharsuguda – Vizianagaram , Raipur Vizianagaram.

Total number of platforms at Titlagarh junction railway station are 3. The track length is 1,676 mm. The Construction type is s tandard and the station is electrified.

It was Opened for public access in 1931.

The station code for Titlagarh junction is TIG.

TIG junction

#6. Sambalpur Junction (SBP)

The district of sambalpur is served by the Sambalpur Railway Station. The headquarters of Sambalpur railway division, Sambalpur junction is a major and busy railway station of Odisha. This station is located in the main city area of sambalpur.

Indian railways has declared Sambalpur junction as the cleanest railway station under the East Coast railway.

Platforms are 3 in number annd track broad guage measure 1,676 mm.

The structure is basic on ground style with availabilty for parking.

The whole station is electrified.

The station was opened for public in 1963.

The cod eof station for Sambalpur junction is SBP.

SBP junction

#7. Balasore Railway Station (BLS)

Balasore or Baleshwar is a prominent railway station of the Balasore district and Chandipur subdivision . Located at station road, Balasore, this station is operated by South Eastern Railway.

Elevated at 16 m only above the mean sea level, it serves the Howarh-Chennai main line. The number of platforms are 4.

The construction is on ground type with parking and free Wi-Fi available.

Balasore railway station comes under the Kharagpur Division.

It was Opened in 1896 with the name Bengal Nagpur Railway.

The code for Balasore railway station is BLS.

balasore railway station

#8. Bhadrak Railway Station (BHC)

Bhadrak is another major and busy railway  station of South East Odisha.

Bhadrak Railway Station  is elevated at a height og 23 m from the aea level and is operated by East Coast Railways. The number of platforms are 4. The Railway Station  is constructed in on ground type and has basic parking and accessibility for disabled.

Bhadrak railway station comes under the khurda Road division and was opened in 1896.

The Whole station is electrified.

The station code is BHC.


#9. Brahmpur Railway Station (BAM)

One of the major and oldest railway station of Odisha, Brahmpur comes under the Khurda Road Railway division which is in the East Coast Railway.

Being a buiest route, both Ganjam abd Brahmpur are served by the railway station.

It is one of the ‘A’ grade railway stations of India.

Elevated at 43 m(141 ft) from se level, Brahmpur railway station connects the khurda Road- Visakhapatnam section line.

The station code for Brahmpur is BAM.

Brahmpur railway station

#10. Anugul Railway Station (ANGL)

A major railway hub of central Odisha, Angul railway station is a railway station, which is about 6 kilometers(3.7 mi) from Angul.

Anugul railway station has an electric loco shed of East Coast Railway.

Operated by the East Coast Railway, the Lines connected by this railway station is Cuttack – Sambalpur line. Number of platforms are 3 and tracks are 6 with on ground type structure.

A major rialway hub of central Odisha, Angul railway station is a railway station, which is about 6 kilometers(3.7 mi) from Angul.

It was opened in 1992 for public use. the whole station is electrified.

The route carries a daily traffic of above 3000.

The station code for Angul is ANGL.

Angul railway station




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