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Three Great Health Tips For The Health

Three Great Health Tips For The Helath Freaks :

Life has many do’s and don’ts. Normal human life spans for a period of 65-70 years. Within this short period of time, everybody wants to live a disease free and fit life. Most of the population of India is having severe health issues and practicing really tough courses to stay fit and enjoy life. What if we tell you top 3 health secrets for maintaining stress free, depression free, disease free life. Of course, all these tips are free of cost. Also these tricks or habits you may call are not very hard to practice but provides great health benefits. Just continue doing such activities regularly and see magical results.

#1. Early Sun Ray is a rich source of Vitamin D !

Crepuscular rays, as otherwise known, are those rays of the Sun, fall during early morning hours or the dawn time. Rich in Vitamin D, these early morning sun rays prove to be beneficial for your body.

90% of the total population in India is seen to have deficiency of Vitamin D. This vitamin greatly helps in bone and teeth building in human body. Calcium present in food,  absorbed from the small intestine, is mixed in to the blood. Vitamin D absorbs calcium from blood and deposits it in the bones and teeth. With deficiency of calcium, the bones become soft. The bones and the bone joints become weak. Vitamin D deficiency also creates brain problems. Permanent mental defects may also be caused due to this. In extreme cases, it might cause memory loss as well. Then it becomes difficult to recognize others. This disease in medical terms, is known as Alzheimer. As a result, humans suffer from mental depression.

So, it is a free of cost and natural way to roam under the morning sun rays (special results of you roam without clothes on your body). Do this for half an hour a day and see great results. It acts magical to turn down depression of mind and body.

Most people suffer from cancer at old age, due to Vitamin D deficiency. The shortage of vitamin D in body effects in division of cells and re-configuration of chromosomes.

The source of Vitamin D are many. Foods like small fish also offer Vitamin D. But, Sun is said to be the source of every energy. Vitamin D absorbed from the Sun is more effective then the vitamin D found in foods. The vitamin D absorbed from the Sun is stored for a period of two times longer than that of the food. 95% of the Vitamin D needed by our body is absorbed from the Sun. During early morning (7 am – 9 am), the Sun light pattern contains violet colour. This colour develops Vitamin D upon the skin. Various diseases can be cured with vitamin D. Muscles of arms, legs and body often undergo pains and aches due to deficiency of Vitamin D. Instead of depending on the tablets prescribed by Doctor, if someone relies on morning sunlight, then one can see great results.

Early SUN ray is a rich source of Vitamin D

#2. Avoid Touching Yourself !

Can you leave without touching your own body? Certainly No ! But, Yes, you have to avoid and be cautious while touching your own skin. This is because our body has some such parts, touching which frequently increases the chance of being infected with skin diseases. The first part in this case is our face. We touch our face for many times everyday. But there’s a major chance of intrusion of bacteria into our body through our face, if we touch it frequently.

A survey conducted concludes that bacteria go into our body through the skin of our face.  If you wash your face or even touch with bare and dirty hands then there is a chance of being infected from virus prone diseases.

Sometimes, we itch our ears for no reason and sometimes for a certain reason. This also helps some diseases carrying bacteria to enter into our body and create diseases.

If you are also itching your navel edges, then also there is a chance of virus infection and may lead to some infectious disease.

So ever avoid touching these body parts and if needed ever, touch and itch with clean hands.

#3. Never Drink Water While Eating !

To drink water while eating is a regular habit of most of the people. But remember drinking water while eating simultaneously may cause severe health problems for your body. This habit brings a lot of health problems indirectly. If you drink water in the middle of your meal, you should know that, the food that you eat, may not be digested properly. Hence the glucose present in your food is converted into fat and it also increases the amount of fructose in blood.

This habit of drinking water while having your meal also increases the chance of gaining weight which leads to obesity later. Drinking water while eating also causes the problem of gastric. So, it is recommended not to drink water while eating.

Never drinking water while eating

Not only water, but care should be taken to avoid any type of drinks while eating. Most of us drink cold drinks or coffee while having our lunch or dinner. This is very dangerous for health as per a report given by a  researching unit in London.





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