The Nrsinghnath Temple

ନୃସିଂହନାଥ ମନ୍ଦିର

The Nrsinghnath Temple2

The Nrsinghnath Temple is a mythical temple located at the foot of the Gandhamardhan Hills in Bargarh district. It was built in 1313 by the king of Patnagarh, Vaijal Sangh Deb. It is only 45 feet high and has two parts. In the first, the idol of Narsinghnath is worshiped, while in the other, Jagmohan is worshiped. Legend has it that there was once a powerful demon in the area. When Vishnu came out to kill him, he entered a hole in the form of a mouse. Vishnu immediately took the form of a bead and sat there to eat it. The rat monster, however, did not come out of the hole. It is said that since that day, the mouse monster has been guarding the area to protect people from the fear of the monster monster.




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