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Shreekshetra Utsav – The Puri Festival


Puri is not just about spiritual quest and Lord Jagannath. It has a rich history, culture and tradition. While an average tourist knows Puri as the abode of Lord Jagannath, he does not know much about its other, equally glorious traditions; its mouth-watering cuisines, its intricate handloom and handicraft and its vibrant akhada culture etc.

Sea fondly called the Mahodadhi is also quite popular but other glorious traditions of the city like the handlooms and handicraft, mouth watering, cruising, the vibrant martial traditions, folk culture and classical dance & music etc are little known to the tourists.

To show case the rich history, culture and traditions of the holy city, Shreekshetra Utsav, the Puri festival was conceived for the 1st time in the year 2005.

The long extravaganza of art and culture: “Shreekshetra Utsav: The Puri Festival”, is a pure celebration of everything that’s Orissa. It is all pageantry and colour.

To familiarize the tourist with little known facets of this captivating city the “Shreekshetra Utsav: The Puri Festival” is organised.

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