Salute to Baji Rout – The Youngest Freedom Fighter of India

Salute to Baji Rout – The Youngest Freedom Fighter of India

We salutes Baji Rout – the Youngest Martyr of Odisha on his 77 Martyrdom. This Young boy was the real patriot of the country who had much more love for the country and he died for the country. He is the youngest Freedom Fighter of the Country.

Baji Raut was born at Bhuban, Dhenkanal District (Odisha) in 1925. He was a boatman and a volunteer of Prajamandal Party. He mainly worked as a boatman on Nilakanthapur Ghat on the Brahmini river . On 11 October, 1938 midnight, some British soldiers and policemen arrived on the ghat and it was the night time and their intention was to search and arrest the volunteers. They force Raut to take them across the river in his boat but he refused and told them that they are the enemies of villagers. A soldier shot him on his head and his skull was fractured. Despite of his serious injuries he alerted the villagers about the arrival of British soldiers. He died on the same nigh at the age of 12 due to excessive loss of blood. I salute this young martyr.

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