Ravana Podi celebrations in Odisha

Ravana Podi celebrations in Odisha

Ravana Podi celebrations in Odisha came to a fiery end with burning of life-size effigies of demon-king Ravan across the state in Dussehra day.

Ravana Podi is a major attraction of Dussehra. Ravana symbolizes evil and we burn his effigy as a tradition and also as a medium of entertainment.

The effigies are huge bamboo structures covered with several layers of cotton clothes and papers. All the body parts of Ravana are made separately and assembled later. The statues are made hollow so firecrackers can be fitted inside them.

In Bhubaneswar celebrations took place at various places, including Saheed Nagar, Nayapalli and Baramunda. This time, the tallest effigy of Ravan (70ft) was set up at Barmunda, followed by Nayapalli and Saheed Nagar (45ft each). At Saheed Nagar, a 40-ft high effigy of demon Kumhakarna, brother of Ravan, was also erected.

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