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Radhanath Rath – Freedom Fighter Of Odisha

Dr. Radhanath Rath was born on 6 December 1896, in a village named “Radhanathpur Shashan” of Aathgarh. He started his education in the Jubilee School of Balasore where his uncle Lokanath Mohapatra was the Sanskrit teacher. He was matriculated in 1916 from Ravenshaw Collegiate School of Cuttack.

He joined the forest department of Singhbhum district as a Clerk. He left the job in 1919 and joined the ‘Satyabadi press’ of Gopabandhu Das.

started his career in Journalism as Manager and Assistant Editor of the Oriya weekly “The Samaja” which was started under the editorial of Gopabandhu Das. After the death of Gopabandhu Das in the year 1928, Pandit Lingaraj Mishra worked as the editor of the “Samaj”. In the year 1930, the daily publication of Samaj was initiated.

During 1946–1952 Lingaraj Mishra worked as the education minister of Odisha. So Radhanath Rath became the Editor of the “Samaj”. He joined the Quit India Movement in 1942 and was imprisoned for two years.

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