Prashanta Nanda

Mr. Prashanta Nanda not only glory and popularity to himself but also make the State of Orissa and the Country proud of him. Though film industry in Orissa, he is active in acting & making films since 1939, but it had only symbolic existence till 1976. The great change in the industry took place only after 1976 when Prashanta Nanda took charge. Mr. Prashanta Nanda, started off his career in the film industry as an actor with the film “Dasyu Ratnakar” in 1959 and since then he is involved in the industry in many ways. He received National Award for his acting in 1960 with the film “Nua Bou”.

He also received National Award in 1966 as an artist for his perfurmance in “Matira Manisha” directed by Mrinal Sen. He received National Award again in acting in 1969 for the film “Adina Megha”. He is continuosly acting in Oriya films since 1959 i.e.39 years. He gave a face lift to Oriya films & the industry by his innovative directing and writing. His efforts gave a new leas of life to Oriya films and revived it from natural economic death. His hardwork, began a new tradition of film making from 1976 and gave a new thrust to Oriya film industry. The industry florished. One film in 2/3 years concept soon replaced with 15/18 film in a year. Thus, a stage was made for many people to fulfill their creative desire. The begin of 1990s brought a satisfaction to Mr. Prashanta Nanda when all the films released in 1990 and 1991 were made either by Mr. Nanda or by his Assistants who have become makers by now.

The concept and schooling of commercial cinema was preached unceasingly by Mr. Nanda and the idea was well accepted by the people of Orissa over the last 22 years. It was almost one man show throughout this 22 years where interaction between Mr. Nanda and the people of Orissa was in proper harmony. The only man in the Film industry in Orissa who has mastered in Acting, Story Writing, Screenplay Writing, Dialogue Writing, Lyrics Writing, Music Direction, Direction, Playback Singer and Producer.



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