Pousha Putrada Ekadashi

ପୌଷ ପୁତ୍ରଦା ଏକାଦଶୀ

Pousha Putrada Ekadashi2

The Ekadashi that falls on the Shukla side of the month is called Putrada Ekadashi. Sri Hari is worshiped by chanting the name mantra in Putrada Ekadashi. On the eleventh day there is a provision to worship all the fruits with lamps. Lord Krishna Dharmaraja explained to Yudhisthira the importance of this ritual – Lord Narayan is the supreme deity of this date. On this date all sins are destroyed. In the past, the king of Bhadrabati, Suketuman, ruled. The king and queen Champa were worried because she had no children. One day, the king went on a wild trip without informing any members of the royal family. It was noon when the king saw the beauty of the forest. The king, hungry and thirsty, went out in search of food. Eventually he found a monastery and a shoreline on the shores of the lake. It was a privilege for the king. He immediately got on his horse and approached the lake, where he greeted all the men. The sages were pleased with his bow. The king looked at the sages and asked, “Who are you?” What’s your name and why are you here? “We will all believe in the world,” Muni said. We came to bathe. Coming soon. The cloud bath is going to start for five days from today. Today, Putrada Ekadashi will be the son of one who observes this vow. The king said, “O gods, if you are pleased with me, give me a son.” Muni said Rajan is very famous for this vow. Celebrate this from today. With the blessings of Maharaja Bhagavan Keshab you will surely have a son. According to this type of sage, the king observed the vow and celebrated Putrada Ekadashi. On the twelfth, he celebrated his vow and returned home, touching Muni’s feet. The queen became pregnant that day. The king had a glorious son who possessed all the qualities and became the shepherd of the people. In this regard, the Putrada Ekadashi Brat is more important than all the Ekadashi. Many believe that keeping this vow gives birth to a son.




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