Pardeshwar Temple

Pardeshwar Temple.

Pardeshwar Temple

The temple of Pardeshwar is located in the town of Dharmagarh in Kalahandi district. The 52-foot-tall temple is a popular tourist attraction. The temple was built under the direct supervision of the late Ayodhya Das Maharaj, the abbot of the Puri Balaramkoth Math. Adjacent to it is the temple of Ma Ambe, as well as the Lion Gate, the Bull Gate, and the Elephant Gate, along with the three form of the Goddess. Almost all of the world’s shibboleths are crystalline, gemstones, earth, stone, or self-contained, but mercury is rare throughout the world. According to mythology, the sex of the goddess is considered to be the best of the many sexes of the goddess Mahadev Shiva. India’s first mercury is at Shivling Haridwar while the second is at Dharmagarh. This is also called wrestling. Although mercury is a liquid, in the Ayurvedic method, after relieving the octopus, it is bound by divine herbs and given as a lingara. Made in the Bhuj area of ​​Gujarat, the penis uses 52 kilograms of mercury. It is processed by various Ayurvedic chemicals to protect the penis and has a silver lining.
Jagarayatra on Mahashivratri is the main festival here. During the month of Shravan, hundreds of cowboys from within and outside the state water the Pardeshwar here. The total distance from Dharmagarh to the capital is about 500 km. Dharmagarh is 80 km from the nearest railway station Kesinga.




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