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Pandu osha

Pandu osha is celebrated on the full moon day of March. The full moon of Margashi is called Pandupurnima. At this point, the winter is over and the winter begins. Due to the fog in the morning, the color of pale white or panda is everywhere. Hence the name of this full moon is called Pandu Purnima. Like the big Osha, this vow is celebrated with a yard. Through this ritual, women worship or worship the King. Its main purpose is to have a son. There are certain rules for observing this vow. For this purpose, the floor of the house is polished with cow dung. The leopard and the leopard are then thrown. The yard is erected and worship, especially by the priests, is enhanced by invoking, worshiping and offering sacrifices to Yamraj. The main enjoyment of this puja is the manda cake. According to previous preparations, fresh cow dung is used to fill the baskets with rice baskets. The rice is re-limeed and the coconut is ground to a pulp and worshiped. In addition, the consumption of food, plantains, fruits and cheddar is also increased. Panduosa is a vow of devotion. This is important for women, especially mothers.



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