Panchalingeswar Temple


Panchalingeswar Temple2

Panchalingeswar Shiva Temple is located in Panchalingeswar near Nilgiris in Baleshwar district of Odisha. In order to see these genders, one has to know by touching the spring water flowing through the hills. There are five Shivalingas worshiped in the hills, which are named after Panchalingeswar. The eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal stretches parallel to the coast of the Bay of Bengal from Kupari to Nilgiris. The 1,000-foot-high hill is part of the Panchalingeswar area of ​​the Devgiri Mountains. There is a fountain at the foot of this shrine. The five invisible genders in this stream are the Panchalingeswar peeth. Devotees visit Panchelingeshwar in the water and worship. The priest sits on a stone and worships Shivalinga. The state tourism department also has ancillary facilities for passenger accommodation. During the Saraswati Puja, there is a five-day fair. A lot of people come here to visit and buy beautiful things. Mandaleshwari Devi is located at the top of the Devagiri Mountains. It is also called the rain goddess. There is a popular belief that it rains when you worship the goddess if it is not raining. There is a tunnel from the top of the hill, surrounded by the Devgiri hills, to the ancient road and fort of Mangalpur. It is rumored that the tunnel is located at the foot of the Panchalingeswar hill. It is 10 km from Nilgiris and 30 km from Balasore. It is 85 km from Baripada. The two cities have bus services. There is a government hotel here.




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