Odisha celebrates Pana Sankranti and Odia New Year

Odisha celebrates Pana Sankranti and Odia New Year

Pana Sankranti or Bisuba Sankranti in odisha celebrated as Odia New Year. Pana Sankranti 2016 date is 13th April (Wednesday).

In Odisha, Bisuba Sankranti or Pana Sankranti festival is observed with great sanctity in various forms. On this day Chhatu (grinded corn powder), Pana(sweet water), umbrellas, fans(made out of palm-leaves or bamboo-strips) and Paduka(wooden slippers) are offered to Brahmins and the poor people. All these are the remedies for the scorching Sun. Water as the vital source of life becomes more symbolical in another ritual of the festival.

Above the Tulasi plant- which is a must in every Hindu household of Odisha, a shed is prepared with branches of green coconut leaves and painted pitcher of smaller size filled with water is suspended with a rope hanger. Beneath it a small piece of straw is fixed to a hole in the pitcher through which water is drained drop by drop on the Tulasi plant. This is called ‘Basudhara’ (the stream of the earth). Here, Tulasi plant symbolises the human life and it is to be saved from the scorching sun by resting in the shed and taking enough water.

This festival is observed widely in some form or other, in the coastal areas and in some towns and villages of other areas a rigorous ritualistic observance is observed. Deeply connected with the mass religious culture of Odisha, a number of other festivals otherwise known as Jhamu Yatra, Hingula Yatra or Patua Yatra, Danda Yatra, Uda Yatra etc. which originated as ritualistic observances of Chaitra Parva culminate in the Visuba Sankranti and make a grand finale of the whole celebration.

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