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Odia Film AGASTYA Songs

Odia Film AGASTYA Songs

Now listen odia film Agastya song online here. The movie Ashique is directed by Murlee Krishna and presented by Akshya Kumar Parija.

Movie: Agastya
Director : Murlee Krishna
Producer : Akshay Kumar Parija
Music Director: Prem Anand
Starring : Anubhav Mohanty, Jhilik Banerjee, Akash Das Nayak, Manoj Mishra, Minaketan, Priyanka Patnaik

Odia Movie Agastya Song Details:

Agastya (title track)
Singer: Humane Sagar, Sricharana Mohanty, Satyajeet Pradhan, Sangram Mohanty, Bishnu Mohan Kabi, Asutosh Mohanty , Tarikh ajij
Lyrics: Arun Mantry
Music Director: Prem Anand

Dhire Dhire Bhala Pai gali
Singer: Humane Sagar, Ananya Nanda
Lyrics:Subrata Swain
Music Director: Prem Anand

Rama Rama e Jhia ta
Singer: Pragnya Patra, Aryan Das, Asutosh Mohanty, Humane Sagar
Lyrics:Arun Mantry
Music Director: Prem Anand

Tipi Tipi barsha topa
Singer: Ananya Nanda
Lyrics: Subrata Swain
Music Director: Prem Anand

Dhire Dhire -(Sad version)
Singer: Ananya Nanda, Humane Sagar
Lyrics:Prem Anand
Music Director: Prem Anand

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