Naraka Chaturdashi

ନରକ ଚତୁର୍ଦ୍ଦଶୀ

Yamraj is worshiped in Hell Chaturdashi. Pleased with the devotion of the sacrifice, Lord Vishnu took the form of a dwarf incarnation and asked the giant king to ask for three grooms. Then the victim prayed to God and said, ‘Lord! From the thirteenth day of the month of Kartik Krishnapaksha to the new moon, on the fourteenth day of my kingdom, whoever lights the lamp for Yamraj will not be tormented by Yam, the person who lights the lamp for three days will never leave Lakshmi. On the fourteenth day, the dwarf god gave a gift to the king and Lakshmi. This day was called Hell Chaturdashi by the gift of Lord Baman. Brat, puja and lamp lighting were introduced to please Yamraj. So that Hell will not be tormented in hell. Believing in this belief, devotees worship Yamraj in Hell Chaturdashi. It is believed that the Kartik Chaturdashi vows are performed in the earth to get rid of sin and hell. Getting up in the morning and taking a bath at sunrise and going to the Vishnu temple and the Krishna temple to see God gives beauty and sin-free beauty. On some of these days, the head of the house lights a lamp at night and turns it around the house and keeps it outside the house. This is called a lamp. It is said that doing so brings peace and happiness as all the negative energy escapes the house. There was a devout king named Rantidev. At the time of the king’s death, the ambassadors came to take the king to Yampur. Seeing this, the king was surprised and asked, “I have not committed any sin. Why will you take me to hell?” On hearing this, the messenger said, “O Rajan!” You once sent a Brahmin empty-handed, you have to go to hell today because of that sin. Hearing this, the king asked him for a year. So the messengers gave the king a year. The king took his grief and approached the Russian, explaining everything and asking for a way out of it. The sage said that by performing the fourteenth vows of Krishnapaksha in the month of Kartik, Brahmins should eat and apologize for their sins. The king made this vow at the behest of the Russians. As a result, the king was freed from sin and the Vishnu people were captured. According to Hindu rites, the Kartik Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi is known as “Hell Chaturdashi”. It has multiple names, such as, ‘San Diwali,’ Rupa Chaturdashi, Kala Chaturdashi, and so on. From a social point of view, it has to do with transparency. On this day, cleaning the house and throwing out all the garbage is the most common Hindu custom. Again, on this day, before sunrise, oil is massaged and bathed, which is called abhyang bathing. According to Hindu beliefs, Yamraj and Chitragupta are worshiped on this day to prevent them from going to hell. Therefore, “Hell is the 14th, the festival of deliverance from hell.”




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