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Naga Chaturthi

Naga Chaturthi2

Karthik Shukla is celebrated on the fourth day of the Naga. The festival is dedicated to the snake god. During the festival, women celebrate the well-being of their families, especially their children. It is believed that worshiping this serpent does not frighten the snake. The puja is celebrated on the fourth day after the Diwali menstruation. The main ritual of this puja is Hunka puja. The women gather and place some of the hookah and place some of the hookah at the base of the chura, place the copper idol of the snake-Naguni, decorate the cheetah with flowers and decorate it with flowers, all kinds of worship utensils such as incense lamps, coconuts, sweet rice lime, sugarcane and other fruits. Worship. In some places milk is also offered for the sake of the snake god. Khirka and sirini are given in the Hunka puja.



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