Mistakes of Sona Mohapatra in Rangabati Returns


Have you ever analysed what exactly is the Mistake of Sona Mohapatra while singing Rangabati? If you are actually from Sambalpur or you understand Sambalpuri then probably you could be able to point the mistakes. Well here are a few mistake pointed out by some of our Friends from Sambalpur, that Sona Mohapara had done while singing the Song Rangabati.

1:02 – 1:14 : Laje Laje Lain jauchhi matha
Expected: Laje Laje nai jauchhe matha

Difference: “Nai” is the actual word for bending. I don’t think “Lain” means same
1:16 – 1:21: O ranga, ranga ranga ranga ranga
Analysis: Ranga & Rangabati are two different things
Ranga is third gender and Rangabati is beautiful shy girl
Both cannot be same
Example: if in a english song you use “Shame Shame shame shame shame shameless”, how the meaning changes
1:32 – 1:38: Rani Tale suta male hela tu guntha
Expected: Ranir laagi suta mali helana guntha
Difference: its “Ranir lagi suta mali” means “A Ornamental thread For Queen” but in the video its “Rani tale Suta male” which means “Below the queen”. And what she pronounced “mela hela tu guntha”, i don’t think something exists like that.
1:55 – 2:00 : E Aakhi asichhi jete sapana
Expected: i ankhin asichhe kete sapana
> Its “I” not “E” which changes the meaning
> Its “asichee” means “Has come”, no word is there called “asichhi”
> Its “kete Sapana” not “Jete Sapana”
2:18 – 2:29 : Maane Maali Mahakana go
Expected: Mane Mali Mahakana go
> Its “Mane Mali Mahakana” means “Essence of Jasmine in mind”. What she has sung means “Meaning is Essence of the Gardener”
2:36 – 2:41: Kede milana ahar milana chhana chhana hesi mana
Expected: kede milana aha mor dhana chhana chhana hesi mana
> Its “Aha Mor dhana” means “The girl is getting called in a romantic way”. But “ahar milana” don’t know who is meeting here
2:43 – 2:50: Dihi kandi gala Sangar Sirisha
Expected: diheen khanji gala sangar sarisa
Difference: Its “Deheen Khanji gala” means “Given to body”, but she pronounced “Dihi Kandi Gala” means “Body Cried”
2:50 – 2:54: tuhu tuhu maane kaari suruta
Expected: ubu tubu mane haee suruta
Difference: Its “ubu tubu mane haee suruta” means “Some one is recalling with a filled heart”, but the line sang seems to me something gibbrish.

The true lovers of Rangabati, are expecting an apology from Sona Mohapatra, but we recently came across the news from OTV “I will never apologise for rendition of Rangabati” – Says Sona Mohapatra

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