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Lakshmi Puja

Mahalakshmi’s Parvan. This worship of Mahalakshmi for about a week is celebrated with great fanfare in Dhenkanal, Chaudhwar and other parts of Odisha.
There is a historical reason behind the popularity of Mahalakshmi Puja in Dhenkanal. Dhenkanal history has it that the Vaishnava monastery was established as a worshiper of the Krishna Basudev dynasty. This dynasty of Kunjakantar Krishnamandir is worshiped by the gods, the Balarama temple, the Jagannath temple, the Vrindavan temple, the Vrindavanchandra temple, the Kapilasar Narayan temple, the Nrusingha and Lakshmimurthy establishments, the establishment of the footprints of Chaitanya and many other initiatives.



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