Kukkuti Brata

Kukkuti Brata

On the seventh day of Bhadra Shukla, the Kukukuti Brat is celebrated. It is especially prevalent in Bengal and Odisha. The ritual mainly comes from the mountainous group of Chhotanagpur area and has gradually converted to Hinduism. Cookie is their goddess. Like many Hindu deities of the past, she is worshiped by Aryan Hindus. The vow is in the form of Hinduism. The vows begin with the Yudhisthira-Sri Krishna conversation. In response to Yudhisthira’s question, Lord Krishna raised the issue of Lomash Muni. Once he reached Punyatapa Mathura. Devaki and Basudev welcomed him. Seeing Devaki’s sad face, Lomash told her about the vow. Earlier, Chandramukhi, the wife of King Nahush of Ayodhya, and Mena, the wife of his priest, did so on the banks of the Saryu River. Chandramukhi and Mena went to the beach to bathe. Some women there, after bathing, cut the mandala and worshiped the statue of Uma Maheshwar in it. After the puja, Dorki tied a blood-colored dork in her hand. Chandramukhi and Mena understood the rituals of vows and observances from them. On that day, he made a vow with them and tied the knot in his hand and left. Then Chandramukhi did not wear a dork in pride. Mena also forgot the vows. As a result, Chandramukhi was born Mercury and Mena Kukkuti. But Mena remembered the rebirth of this cuckoo. So he mentally praised Shiva. Some time later, Chandramukhi was born as a queen named Ishwari in a kingdom. Mena became the wife of Agnimandi, the high priest of that state. His name was Bhushan in Eznam. He became a racist in Eznam as before. Bhushan was observing the vows. He had eight sons. Family life was happy. Ishwari, on the other hand, has a son. He is always sick. She died at the age of nine. Ishwari was devastated. Bhushan was sympathetic to him. But God was jealous. He repeatedly tried to assassinate Bhushan’s sons. But Bhushan’s vows did not hurt him. One day, Ishwari heard Bhushan’s advice on the subject of pre-birth and observance of vows. According to the law, the vows were observed. Happiness returned to his life. This ritual is performed to eliminate the guilt of death. Lomash Muni asked Devaki to observe the vow. The Kukukuti vows are all religious acts like other vows and Osha. It worships Uma Maheshwar.




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