Khirachora Gopinath Temple



କ୍ଷୀରଚୋରା ଗୋପୀନାଥ ମନ୍ଦିର୨

The Kshirachora Gopinath Temple is located in Remuna. It is located 9 km east of Balasore between Howrah and Bhubaneswar. The name Remuna comes from a beautiful word that means beautiful. The Kshirachora Gopinath Temple is a well-known and well-known international temple in the Hindu temples of Odisha. It was built by the Langula king of the Ganges, Narasimha Dev, who built the famous Konark Sun Temple. The three Thakurs of Vrindavan, such as Sri Madan Mohan (Relationship Theory), Shri Gobind (Abidheya Theory), Shri Gopinath (Prayojan Theory), are also known as the secret Vrindavan Dham in eastern India. Many devotees flock to the temple throughout the year. It was built in the 13th century by the tailor of the Ganges dynasty of Utkal, Langula Narasimha Dev. Sripad Madhvendra Puri Gosai, Sri Sri Rasikananda Dev Gosai, the chief saint, have spent a long time here. 1 km from the temple. In the distance are two ponds, a pond and a thunderbolt, symbolizing the location of King Langula Narasimha Deb and the Queen. It is home to the Jagannath Temple and India’s second octagonal temple.

Legend has it that Ramchandra dug the Saptarekha river in seven arrows here in memory of the Ganges with the intention of bathing Sita in the Ganges, which has now turned into a canal.
It is said that once a devotee, Madhvendra Puri, left Vrindavan for the purpose of taking Malay Chandan from Jagannath Puri for his devotee Thakur Shri Gopal of Vrindavan and rested at the Remuna Gopinath Temple. Gopinath wanted to enjoy the milk (nectar) attached to him. But he did not want to, because he was unwilling. Knowing the mind of the devotee, Shri Gopinath hid one of the twelve milkshakes under the dhoti he was wearing and instructed the devotee to bring the milkshake to Madhavendra in the middle of the night. When the priest got up and took a bath, he saw that there was milk in Gopinath’s basement. He immediately took the milkshake and gave it to Madhavendra, who was sitting not far away, and was doing kirtan. Madhvendra Puri fainted with the milk and danced happily, and woke up and complained that Lord Gopinath was so sleepless at night. Fearing for his reputation, he left Remuna before dawn and fled to Puri. From that day on, Shri Gopinath became known as Kshirachora Gopinath. Devotees from Madhavendra Puri brought Malay Chandan from Puri and on their way back through Remuna, the devotees requested them to stay here. While he was here, his Vrindavan’s Thakur, Shri Gopal, ordered that I be Gopinath of Remuna. I will get it if you apply Malay sandalwood on Gopinath’s limbs. From that day on, on the full moon of Akshaya Tritiya and Chandan, Gopinath’s Sarvanga Chandan became beautiful. And for 45 days from Akshay III, sandalwood is worn in memory of the great devotee Madhavendra Puri Goswami. He is buried here, and now he has a tomb.

Lord Gopinath has Madan Mohan on the right and Govinda on the left. Madanmohan and Govinda were founded by Sri Rasikananda Prabhu less than 350 years ago by his disciple Tihidi Samanta Raja. Before that, only Mr. Gopinath was there. Shri Gopinath is a self-made idol, who was given a dream order when he was on a pilgrimage to Langula Narsinghdev and was taken to Puri from the Chitrakuta mountain when he received a dream order and re-established it in Remuna. The statue of Gopinath is said to have been erected in Chitrakuta on his own bow at the request of Lord Sri Ramachandra Sita Devi during the Tretya period. The idol came to life at the touch of Sita Devi, and has been worshiping Brahma ever since. At the foot of this huge self-portrait is a grazing scene with four branches, followed by an octagonal service. He has the last deity on his head, three jumbo fruits, and the top of his head is seen fighting with chanu and fists on the left and right. Anyone who sees Murali playing the chandelier at the foot of his knot will not be able to easily turn his eyes away.

Milk is offered here under the name “Amrit Keli”. It is made from milk, sugar, food and Gujarati cardamom. Niti Ann Prasad is also found here.
The city of Remuna is famous for its bronze and brass utensils. Furniture and home decor items can be found here as well as beautiful cottages.




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