Khana Bachana

Khana Bachana

Lilavati, the daughter-in-law of astrologer Bisharam Barahmihir, is known as the astrologer. Lilavati was the world’s greatest astrologer, her calculations were inaccurate and amazing. Following her father-in-law’s orders, her husband Mihir cut off her tongue. Before cutting his tongue, he spoke of the timing, the knowledge of the grain, and the many principles of astrology. It is widely used in Bengali and Oriya.
Dhanwantari, Ksapanak, Amarsingh, Shanku, Betalbhat, Ghatkarpur, Kali Das, Barahmihir and Baruchi are the nine newcomers. They were decorating the royal assembly of Vir Vikramaditya in the metropolis of Ujjain. He was a leading scholar of Ayurveda, astrology, and literary philosophy. Barhamihir is one of these Navaratna.

Lilavati was born into a dynasty, but some monsters living on an island in the sea entered Lilavati’s ancestral kingdom, killed her in a dynasty, and destroyed all the treasures of the treasury by destroying the people living in that kingdom. But seeing Lilavati as a young virgin and fascinated by her beauty, the violence of the vengeful demons was dispelled. They took Sukumari Lilavati home with the treasure in the body of the letter. There he nurtured Sukanya and taught various astrology lessons. As a result, he has established himself as one of the greatest astrologers in the world.

Thus a son was born to Brahmihir in Ujjain, the astrologer’s father judging his birth cell and deciding that he would be ten years old instead of a hundred years old. So the death of the ten-year-old son of Barhamihir was so painful that he put the newborn baby in a wooden bowl and dumped it in the river. The vessel floated and landed near the island of Lilavati. There, the Jain monster Sukumar saw the baby and was attracted to her beauty and placed her near Lilavati and taught astrology to Lilabati and Mihir, regardless of their son and daughter. The two went through adolescence and entered adolescence. Living together, they fell in love with each other and fell in love with each other. So both were trying hard to get rid of the cruel monsters. One day, the two of them decided to leave Mahendra and left the house. Knowing this, the guard informed the captain. But the party leader thought that they would be able to adapt to Mahendra’s time. So he called a monster and said, “You will put these two on your shoulders and leave them across the sea, and after answering the question of answering the question of this book of astrology, geology, and underworld in three parts, the book of underworld will come out of it.” The servant did so at the command of the Lord. The monster showed a cow in labor near the sea and asked what the color of the unborn child was, and when Mihir said it was white, the monster took a piece of the underworld book. Moments later, the cow gave birth to a calf, and Mihir was upset that the character looked a little red, and tore the book to pieces and threw it into the sea. But later, the calf found out that it was white, and worked hard to get parts of the book to Ujjain. Brahmihir found his estranged son and, knowing all the facts by counting, honored his son and daughter-in-law. In time, the king and all the members of the Rajya Sabha became aware of Lilavati’s slowness and gave her a seat in the Rajya Sabha. This made Barahamihir feel humiliated. Because his reputation was declining day by day, his vengeance was getting stronger day by day. One day he called his son Mihir and said: “Cut off Lilavati’s tongue, otherwise we will have no respect.”

Defending his father’s order, Mihir reached out to Lilavati with a knife. Lilavati realized this and said: Husband, keep the patriarchy but before you do that, write down some things from me. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important. Mihir then cut off his wife’s tongue at the behest of his father. From that day on, Lilavati was mined. So the word khana is called khana word.




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