Kartika Brata

କାର୍ତ୍ତିକ ବ୍ରତ

The month of Karthik is celebrated in his name as the virtues of Shivaputra Karthikeya are completely different. This is because the only son born to Shiva Parvati will kill Tarakasur. As soon as Vishnu arrived there during the chanting after Shiva Parvati’s marriage, Mother Parvati was very embarrassed and cursed Vishnu to be the Ashwattha tree and Shiva to be the banyan tree. As soon as Shiva’s blood flowed down, the Ganges River carried her, and they became pregnant as the blood was placed in their mouths while bathing in the Kritikadi Sada Devakanya Ganga. As he grew up, he became a celibate commander in heaven and lived a celibate life, and a peacock who was an unmarried celibate was killed under the pretext of starvation. According to Karthik Mahatma, Devadatta, a three-legged and devout Brahmin, was born in Kavyakubuj. Every year, Karthik observed the vows with devotion. One morning after bathing in the Ganges, he took the basil water in the mud and offered it to the sun, poured some water on the roots of the ashwattha tree, and sprinkled some of it on the tree. He became my father. Devadatta was shocked and his father’s heart melted with compassion. He donated half of his savings to the young woman. Suddenly more light began to emanate from the girl’s face, and when she saw it, she celebrated her Karthik vows. At this point, Devadatta saw that a Devyan plane had descended from heaven and bowed before the demon-possessed Karthik Brat, who had given him half a dozen virtues, and begged him to leave. Because what was not possible from birth was made possible by half of your Karthik vows. O husband of Tripathi, by virtue of this virtue of yours, you will be King Dasaratha in the Tretya era and have four sons like Rama, Bharat, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. That is why it is known that many birth sins are destroyed by the heat of the sun during the month of Kartik, the worship of the sun, the worship of the basil tree and the worship of the sand.




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