Kaliya Dalana

କାଳୀୟ ଦଳନ

Kaliya Dalana

Kalia is a snake described in Hindu mythology. The venomous snake lived in the Yamuna River in Vrindavan. According to the Puranas, the water around the Black Sea was hot and poisonous and could not be reached or left alone. There was only one kadamba tree. Earlier, there was a black snake in a place called Ram Island. But fearing that the eagle would be there, Kalia Naga relocated to Vrindavan. Vrindavan’s yogi cursed Garuda for some reason that he would die if he came to Vrindavan. So Kalia was safe from the eagle at Vrindavan. Once upon a time, the boy Krishna was climbing a Kadamba tree when he was playing on the banks of the Yamuna at a friend’s match. Krishna jumped into the water as his ball fell into the water. At that moment, the black snake took 110 pins and wrapped Krishna in his body. By his power, Krishna fell on Kalia’s head and danced in a huge form. At that time, the wives of Kaliya Nagar came to the water and worshiped Lord Krishna and begged for the life of her husband.
Kalia also realized that Krishna was God and promised never to hurt anyone else. Krishna ordered him to go to Rama’s island. Rama’s island is known as the modern island of Fiji.
The tenth part of the sixteenth volume of the Bhagavata Purana mentions the Kalia Dalana. Near Mathura, a king named Kaliya ruled in ancient times. His kingdom was called Kali Raman. The ruined fort of Tannak still exists. It is believed that the evil king of the Goths may have been called the Black Serpent.




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