Jhulana Yatra

ଝୁଲଣ ଯାତ୍ରା

Jhulana Yatra

The hanging procession at the temple is celebrated from Shravan Dashami to Bhadrav Pratipada. Luxurious swing with Sri Radha and Gopis of Sri Krishna. Seeing that all the gods, humans and gopis were getting the services of Lord Krishna and Lord Radha in Vrindavan, the Gandharvas also prayed for some services. According to him, they got the service of hanging Radha and Krishna by hanging them in a basket in a beautiful jar made of Zarijambura. It was first observed in the temple during the reign of Gajapati Maharaja Dibyasinghe Deb (II). The pilgrimage informs about the influence of the Gaudis in the temple. Radhakrishna of the Gaudiya community is a worshiper. That is why they have introduced the rituals performed in the temple by Lord Krishna in secret.

On the south side of the fence inside the temple is a hanging hut near the Mukti Mandapa. The 45-foot-long and fifteen-foot-tall doll is made of wood, and is decorated with jari, sol, and cloth. The rope is attached to a rope, which is hung with a rope. After the noon incense rites, Jagannath’s moving idol Madanmohan, Sridevi and Bhudevi are offered on the verandah of the south house of the shrine. Following the orders of Shri Gannath, the three Mahajan servants (Biman Badu Sevayat) conquer the idols through Jagmohan and Buttwar and hang them in the jungle inside the jungle. On the eleventh day, Madanmohan’s fence procession takes place naturally, followed by the Jhulan Mandapa with Sridevi and Bhudevi. On the last day, the Panchopachar is worshiped with bells, conch shells, and the Bandapana ascends to the throne. Devotees from far and wide gather in Puri to pay homage to Radha Damodar in a doli decorated in a hanging procession of music, music and dance. Kirtan, the temple rejoices in the hymns. It is celebrated in most monasteries in almost all Radhakrishna temples, including the shrine.




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