Jahni Osha

ଜହ୍ନି ଓଷା

Jahni Osha is an Osha celebrated in Odisha. It is celebrated from the first day of the month of Ashwin to the full moon. It is celebrated by the Osha virgins and is celebrated on the full moon day of Kumar. Every afternoon during the month, the virgins worship Vrindavati at the base of the Tulsi Chura, which is full of jahniful flowers, which include leia, nectar, bananas, and cucumbers. As a song, the girls celebrate the Osha at dusk with a bang. In the afternoon, the girls make jahniful flowers and other flowers at the base of the quarry, set up the kalasa, and read and worship the jahnosa books. Singing gives Vrindavati a finger of Jahni flower. Leprosy is said to be used to relieve leprosy. If you can’t do Osha throughout the month, you can do it 15 days or 5 days before the full moon of Kumar. Singing in the afternoon with Osha rituals and traditions and spending some time in joy and happiness is considered a form of exercise for virgins.

In this Osha, Deenakrishna Das’s “Jahniosha Katha” is recited, which tells different legends in different verses. The poem is divided into five verses in eleven letters. It tells the story of the rules and successes of celebrating the glory of Osha in five countries, namely Maharashtra, Udrarashtra (Odisha), Karnataka (Karnataka), Virat Desh, Saurashtra Desh. The first verse describes the evil effects of Osha Nindar. For thirty days in the month of Ashwin, the Balut girls unite and cut the house with jasmine flowers at the base of the Tulsi Chura. Leah enjoys eating and drinking. Jahni puts flowers on the chowder. One day in Maharashtra, a woman named Jambubati mocked Osha. “She is OK. As a result, Vrindavati became angry. The snake bit Zambubati’s sleeping son. Her husband Maheshwar arrived while she was holding her dead son. Knowing that this had happened as a result of the Osha blasphemy, they went to Vrindavati and prayed. After various pleas, Vrindavati was satisfied and gave her life to her dead son.

The second verse tells the story of a saintly family. Bhagirathi, a saint, died in Rastrapur, Odisha, with his five sons and a daughter. His daughter Radhiki had leprosy. One day, her mother, Sukanti, saw a child worshiping Jahniosa at the base of a chowra. He heard from there that the disease would destroy the disease. Jahniosa was thought to have worshiped for five years after her daughter’s illness was eliminated. The Oseiti girls shouted at her. During the next Jahnisha, Radhi asked her mother for a “bhuja” (cover) for Osha. The mother was upset and refused to worship Osha. As a result, Vrindavati angrily took her five sons and hid them inside the cord. Sukanti’s arm cried. Vrindavati thought that she would enjoy five kakras if she found her son. The girl said in a dream that Osha was doing it. Radhi worshiped Osha with five kakras. The five sons returned.

In the third verse, the father of Karnataka, his wife Priyavati, is mentioned. They have one daughter, in seven son. The girl from Gelbassar asked her mother to worship. Priyavati was happy and added worship items such as Bhuja Ukhuda for her. The fourth verse describes the great country. Dhaneshwar and his wife Padmavati have a son and three daughters. The girls decided to worship Osha. “It’s not legal for you to do this,” she said. Vrindavati said to Padmavati in a dream, “Why did you forbid the girls to worship Osha?” If they do not do this, the son will die within seven days. He woke up and asked the girls to worship him.

The fifth verse deals with the country of Saurashtra. It is forbidden to tear the jahniful flowers. But his hand was shattered as he cut off the country’s princess Jahniful. She came to her mother crying and spoke. The mother cried and wondered what kind of widow she was. Vrindavati knew her mind. Randi came to Tapur as a Brahmin. When he heard that Johnny was being torn apart, he gave her medicine and advised her daughter to take Johnny. He shook his hand as he called for a cure. As the month of Ashwin came, the girl asked Osha to do it. In it, Vrindavati provided all the decorations. He worshiped with the girls. From the Bhadra Purnima to the Ashwin Purnima, virgins observe this Osha at the Tulsi Devi. Girls celebrate it with a variety of songs, games, hustle and bustle. Deenakrishna Das’s “Jahniosa Katha” chapters 1 and 5 describe the rituals. The Oseiti girls get together and worship as songs. Both the sun and the moon are worshiped in Jahniosa. The virgins bathe in the river-pond after sunrise in the morning and give sand. The sand is decorated with a variety of flowers. In the evening, they are adorned with tulsi chura root jahniful and enjoy leia. Oshakarini girls do not eat jahni all month. During the evening, the girls sing Jahniosa songs. They also play puchi and ropes during this time. Men wake up at night and play cards and cards. Lakshmi is worshiped on this day.




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