Indu Purnima


Indu Purnima

Bhadrav Purnima is known as Indupunei or Indra Purnima. Indrotsava has been celebrated since ancient times in India, focusing on the birth anniversary of the rain god Indra. Why is Indrapuja famous all over India and even in some parts of the world? Indu Som means dyotak ‘Indrairamate iti indu’. Indu means glorious and radiant. The one who is the most glorious God is Indrapadachya and the one who shines is Indra. Indra-rain for the spiritual sense, Indradevata for the spiritual meaning and Indraman meaning for the spiritual meaning. The Gopath Brahmin mentions Indramana- ‘Jan Manah Sau Indra’. In the spiritual sense, Indra, Mana and Mon or Indu are joy. Indra is known as the favorite national deity of the Vedic Aryans. They are all the rulers of the world, Ishan Ojsa (Ruk-4/7/41). Therefore, the title of Indra’s Devaraja is justified. In the Atharva Veda, Indra and Surya are identical. In the centenary Brahmin, Indra’s Tadatma is indicated by air from ‘Ayang or Indro Ya Esapabate’. Therefore, Indra’s dead adjectives are justified. In the Ruk Veda 10/54/2, Indra is also referred to as Parambraham. The ‘Indraprastha’ of the Mahabharata carries the symbol of Indra worship. ‘Indra Prasta Gamasta Batakari Ma’ Santu Cheyad ‘(Shishupala-Mahakabya-2/43). There is a legend that the goddess Indrani was practicing asceticism. The Indreshwar temple is located on the banks of the Narmada River, two miles from the building. Indra was practicing asceticism here after the assassination of Butrasu. On the south bank of the Narmada River is a village called Indraban. Where there is hostility. It is said that Indra practiced asceticism here and established the goddess Shakreshwar.
Indra worship is said to be prevalent in the Buddhist monastery in Amaravati in southern India. Similarly, the famous Indra Indrani worship at Amaravati in the undivided Cuttack district of Odisha is well known in Oriya literature and history. Patna Indra Indrani is known for worshiping the chase in Nayagarh. The Indreshwar Shiva temple is located 6 miles from Junagadh. This is Indra’s place of asceticism. Narsi Mehta founded it. The charming idol of Gajrudha Indra is available in the Honduras Kopal Forest, USA. The Malaysian dynasty declares itself ‘Indrabanshi’ and calls Malayalam Indrapur. The Puri Jagannath Temple also has an idol of Indra and a temple. People call it the Sun Temple. After the fall of Konark, the idol was brought and placed in front of Indra. Under Kalpabat, there is a temple of the goddess Indrani, which is under the pomegranate of Ghumush. The generation of the temple in front of the Lakshmi temple is called Devasabha. On the day of Indrotsava, lakhs of balita bushes are lit and Indrotsava is welcomed. As the Indragobind festival is a royal festival, it is celebrated in and around the temple. Elsewhere, such is rare. Indra Harchandi Sahi appears in front of the Lion Gate in front of the Lion Gate through the Balisahi from the Sahi Akhadhar on a wooden Irabat elephant surface. Both Indra and Govinda are bandaged and the festival ends. Because of the cost, only one servant is currently performing the service with a small elephant statue.




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