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Gourishankar Ray Editor of Utkala Deepika First Oriya Newspaper

Gourishankar Ray, better known as Karmaveer Gourishankar, a prominent figure amongst the makers of Modern Orissa (Odisha).

He was savior of Odia (Oriya) Language and Literature, who led the Save Oriya Movement during the late nineteenth century working relentlessly for the protection and preservation of the Odia language .

Gourishankar Ray Born on 13 July 1838 at Dikshitpada, Cuttack. After completion his Primary education (1948), in the village Pathasala and a Maqtab for Parsi, he came to Cuttack. Studied in Cuttack school, now Ravenshaw Collegiate School.

In 1858 he received proficieny certificate in English. Worked as a teacher at Balasore was the Teacher of Radhanath Ray, Baikuntha Nath Dey and MadhuSudan Das ; three great persons of the century in Orissa.

He was the father of the co-operative movements as well as printing & publishing crafts in Odisha. He founded the Cuttack Printing Company and Edited Utkal Deepika, the first Oriya newspaper to be printed as a weekly in 1866.

In 1867 he was the founder Manager of the Purana Prakashika Company, also a cooperativefirm published Oriya Mahabharat, Ramayan, Puranas, Kavyas of Adi Yuga, Bhakti Yuga, Reeti Yuga.

In 1903 he wasthe founder Member of Utkal sahitya Samaj- A premier Literary and cultural organization of the state. Edited and translated Raghuvansha in Oriya and such works of literature. Joined Utkal Sammelan founded by Madhu Sudan Das and worked actively there till the end of his life.

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