General Elections 2019


General Elections 2019 : Most Expensive Election of the World

The election commission has declared the dates of 2019 Lok Sabha (Lower House) elections and the biggest democratic festival is going to take place in the month of April. This time as compared to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, is estimated to be more expensive according to the reports given by many national and international research organisations. It is notable that, 46,211 Crore Rupees (650 Crore Dollars) were expended in the 2016 USA president election and Congress election in total. The last Lok Sabha election in India in 2014 had an expenditure of 35, 547 crore rupees. But this time in 2019 Lok Sabha election the approximate expenditure has been estimated to be around 60000 crore rupees making it the most expensive election of the world and it is expected to cut USA in terms of the total expenditure in any election.

According to a survey report given by Centre for Media Studies, the state of Karnataka is witnessing the most expensive election this year than any other state. During the previous election, all the political parties and the candidates spent 9,500 to 10,500 crore Rupees. This expenditure excludes the rally and camping cost of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The survey reports say that Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu are the three top most expensive states in terms of spending money in the elections.

General election

The current central government will break on June 3, 2019.





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