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Ganesh idols promote eco-friendly worship in Odisha

Odisha’s renowned miniature sculptor, L Eshwar Rao has chosen to pay his respect to Lord Ganesh through his distinctive art forms.

Khurda district Jatani based sculptor Rao has created a miniature ‘Mandap’ of Lord Ganesha which would charm anyone, specially the environmentalists.

“With the help of 408 already used and thrown away ball pens, I have created this tiny mandap for Lord Ganesha. Moreover, I have taken a small bottle of 1ml to showcase a miniature of the Lord in it, and also tried out my hand in carving a sculpture from a normal used cell battery. This is my way to represent the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi,” revealed Eshwar Rao.

L.Eswar Rao achieved, “Most Number of Bottles Art” consisting of 500 bottles art on soaps, stones, chalk piece, color crayons and others as on 26.04.2016, India.

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L Eswar Rao does it all with finesse. So what’s new in his artistry, one might ask. His medium is different. Graphite pencil tips, crayons, soaps, chalk pieces, candles, tamarind and tobacco seeds, rice grains and even whole haldi form the base of his works.



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