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Funny Mistakes in SUPER MICHHUA

  1. Babusan’s Entry during a Holi Sequence… Colours everywhere, the fights, the chases…But Babusan’s white shirt remains white till the end of the scene, so as his face… Tide se dhoya kya????
  2. Babusan talks about Swachh Bharat abhiyaan which was started a year ago… Hold on the movie is set on 3 years ago…
  3. The same place as Bsnl Office and then Electricity office… Hold on they forgot to take off the BSNL Posters when they used it as Electricity Office.


  4. Babusan has a Degree of BBA from Municipality College… Please tell us which Municipality College offers BBA Degrees…


  5. Jhilik goes to Big Bazar and Buys stuffs of Rs.4250… But when she returns from Big Bazar she has bags of TRIGGER AND PAN AMERICA…


  6. The whole loan scam happens and the person being left free. He doesn’t even pays 20Lacs to bank and the Culprit Babusan becomes the BANK GM within a year… Waah Bank Walon tumhari Aisi Ki Taisi…


  7. The Item Song says Dhinki but Shows HEMA-DASTA… For the sake of the song you could have arranged a Dhinki… Odias aren’t so fool…


  8. The divorce paper on which both Babusan and Jhilik sign… Has the name and clear stamp of Sarthak Movies PVT Ltd.


  9. Debu Bramha in the lift doesn’t have a Chappal, but when he comes out of the lift he eventually wears a Slipper.


  10. Jhilik follows Babusan in an Auto. But in mid way… The auto driver changes…


  11. Babusan’s Pulsar color changes from Red to Black in the Climax.

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