Duti Bahan Osha

ଦୁତି ବାହାନ ଓଷା

Duti Bahan Osha (also known as Dutia Osha, Dutia Osha, Pua Jiuntia Osha, Dutibaman Osha or Jimutbahan Obaasa) is an Osha celebrated in Odisha. It is known under different names in different parts of Odisha. In the western part of Odisha, it is celebrated as “Pua Jiuntia” as the main Osha, while in other places it is celebrated as “Dutia / Dutia” or “Duti Bahan Osha”. Mothers fast and celebrate Osha by wishing their son a long life and in the hope of marrying women, infertile women and sons-in-law. On this day, mothers fast all day without touching the water. After the death of the parents, the social custom of giving the son a mass is prevalent in Odisha. The Osha is celebrated to have a son and to wish him well.
According to Ayurveda, it is used as it has anti-infertility properties. Because of its antiseptic properties, its use is beneficial for women. Nutrients in ginger and beans are also good for your health.

The worship deity of this ritual is Jimut Vahan. In the “Dutiya Osha Katha” written by Oriya poet Purushottam Das, Jimutabahan is called the son of Surya. Only sadhva women do this osha. On the eve of Zion, the Osha Karinis clean the river or pond. 108 unbranched Arua rice, 108 oak, a variety of flowers and sugarcane, bananas, tubers, coconut, gaja mung, elderberry, sola, orange, pan, cucumber, orange, jasmine, kakaru, etc. bring 21 kinds of fruits and vegetables. On the seventh night he remembers the fox and the fox, and the next morning he has to go and meet him. After bathing, one has to fast on the same day. In the evening, a place is built to sanctify the place of worship. The soil is dug out of the surrounding area and released into the middle, just as there is water around it to make the middle part look like an island. This room must be at least two cubits long. Basil trees are planted in it and banana trees are planted.

An altar is dug and an altar is built of sand. A banana tree is worshiped on the east side of the altar and a banana tree on the west side as a symbol of the jimutabahana. In addition to Leutia Shag, they cook dishes like vegetables, cook khiripitha, etc., bathe in the evening, worship Gangamata, and listen to Osha’s anecdote at night, enjoying the fruits of the ambassadors. If anyone is unborn, bring home and keep the branches. The imaginary images of the sun god, painted in different colors, are placed in the west by the envoys, drawing the chill and the fox. The women who hold the vows brush their teeth with sand and foxes in the sand. Everyone wears white on that day. The 21 fruits and vegetables that are added to it are placed in a basket and a new cloth is placed on it and placed near the abode. Along with that, the cowboy, Churaashita Gua has to be thrown into that room. In this way, after the Osha is finished, the Osha is not eaten on its own, the bath is taken at night and the various dishes are prepared and distributed to all. It is customary for the Osha devotees to swallow or chew the puja items used in the Osha at the end of the Osha, usually in the hope of gaining an illegitimate son. He is also worshiped with incense. At the end of the puja, they return home, bowing to the sun god. The next day, they put on new clothes, put a full pot in the house, and wiped it with a piece of cow dung. In front of the Aquarius, a candle with 108 rice and 108 oak leaves is tied to a willow tree at the shrine and locked up. They offer it to the ambassadors. They touch the boys’ feet and tie the vows or “jiutia” like shields in their hands, and the children of the friends pass them on. As Oriya children do this kind of Osha for the longevity of their children, this Osha draws a deep line in the soul of every Oriya woman. When someone escapes danger, people say, “Truly your mother was worshiped by your angel.” So we escaped. ‘ The daughter-in-law mourns the loss of her son’s moon wrist. Therefore, in order to alleviate the effects of the moon at birth, it is necessary to worship the second moon, just as it is necessary to worship the second moon.

Ashwin Krishnapaksha Ashtami is called Mulastami. On this day, Dutia Osha is celebrated in different parts of Odisha. The envoy is the god of Osha. According to current Osha, he was born the son of Surya and a widowed Brahmin. There are two things in this regard. There is a poor Brahmin who has been a widow since childhood. Saha keeps a maid to hope. They run the rice fields. The patriarchal month of Ashwin fell. The king summoned the kinsmen, gave them rice, and cut down the house and gave them rice in four days. The cloud lifted. It is difficult to dry the rice and make it rice. The Brahmin decided to donate organs to the sun god. The sun god made him angry. At the appointed time he gave rice to the king. But the sun god did not find the body at night. The Brahmin hid his maid in his place and hid. The goddess, in despair without touching the limbs, exhaled in the leutia patali as she walked away. He was in a coma at the time. The Brahmin became pregnant by eating the greenery of the lusty vegetables that had grown in his mind. Widow pregnancy is a heinous crime. That’s why he faced financial and social pressure. Ashwin Krishna had a son on the eighth day. Gemini was on the log. Her name was Dutibahana. The son grew up and studied in Chahali. One day, her friend rolled over and asked her to raise her friend. He is the son of a friend. Randi, a Brahmin boy who asked him to raise his head, insulted him by calling him an orphan. The son returned home and asked his mother to find out who her father was. My mother told me to wait until sunrise. It’s getting late. Arun sat in the chariot and the seven-vehicle vehicle appeared in the sun. The mother recognized him and said, “Hey, Dad.” The son greeted the angel and saw the sun. The sun stretched out his hand and lifted him into his arms. He put it on his lap and put on various ornaments. Various ornaments fell from the sky. A large crowd gathered at the scene. The men and women present were amazed. The son asked Suryadev- “Father! Why is my mother being blamed? If you are my father, I am insulted to be a non-father ”? Suryadev reassured and said- “So Maa Sati. After a while you and your mother will be worshiped on earth. ”

One owl and one wolf celebrated Osha. Some women sat next to Oshakothi and worshiped Osha, so they turned to him. They collected the worship items that Oseiti Osha had thrown away at the end. They took a bath with the leftover turmeric. The chili was firmly planted in the wood. But the wolf could not contain his hunger. In the middle of the night, he entered the cordon and ate the meat. Chill, not knowing anything, asked the fox, “Sister, are you chewing hard now?” The fox said, “What’s wrong with chewing?” In the cold, my teeth are clenched. ‘ She was born into a good family with two sisters. The fox became the older sister, and the younger sister was born. The elder sister married the minister and the younger sister married Sadhav. The minister’s wife was saddened by the child’s birth because she had broken her vow at birth. But Sadhvani became a daughter and spent time happily. As a result, the older sister became jealous of the younger sister. The children of the younger sister (saint’s wife) go to play at the aunt’s house. The elder sister and minister’s wife, Shilavati, kills them in various ways and sends the body of the deceased son to the saint’s wife every time with pots, sticks, etc., and the sons are better off by the glory of the ambassador. The bodies of the sent Maya sons are processed into coconut, sugarcane, ginger, beans, and other foods. The simple saintly woman does not know this. The boys go out on time and are happy to eat the food sent by their aunts. Shilabati was terrified that the boys would not die after repeated killings. On this occasion the minister, knowing this, rebuked him. She apologized to Shilabati for her death. But the ambassador had already told Sadhvani everything in a dream. He was angry with his sister, but he did everything he could to help her. While they were worshiping Osha, the seven-year-old ambassador stabbed Jokhi Shilabati in the bow with a bow in the guise of a child, and she became a daughter, breaking her guilt.




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