Diwali is an Indian festival. It is celebrated as a festival of lights. The festival falls between mid-October and mid-November for a variety of reasons. Diwali is a major festival for Hindus and is celebrated in various traditional ways at home. A scientific study of the festival, which is tied to various mythological theories, connections, and religious beliefs, appears to be an agricultural principle. The ancient Kalinga was used to control pests in its fields and in the suburbs. The rice paddy was rich in Orissa agriculture. Its traditional farming methods are also scientifically sound. U.S. researchers have suggested that pest control methods may have been used in the past. Researchers believe that Oriyas use lemongrass leaves and Alok Dihuri extensively to control pests. These two methods are still considered the best by scientists.

‘I am worried that the moth will run away.

As the harvest season approaches, the number of insects in populated areas, including in the fields, is on the rise. Towards the new moon of the month of Kartik, their numbers increase so much that life is disrupted, especially at night. For five days, including the eastern part of the new moon, torches, lamps, lamps, lanterns, etc. are lit by attracting insects. For Jain followers, it is celebrated in 527 as the day of Mahabir’s liberation or liberation. Jainists celebrate this day as the Nirvana Day of the Mahabir of the 24th Tirtha. There is a story in this regard. At the time of Mahabir’s ascension, he was accompanied by many Jain devotees. They wondered who would give enlightenment to this world after the Great Depression. They all came together to light the torch on Diwali in search of divination. Since then, Diwali has been a hotbed of light. Mahabir was exiled on this day in 527 BC. The Jains celebrate Diwali to commemorate that day. During this time, candles are lit and sweets are distributed. Jain traders worship accounts and coins. Accounts are closed for that year. Do not do business for the next eight days. They fast; Chant On the ninth day, the Jain New Year is celebrated. Diwali is celebrated with great fanfare on the occasion of the Mahaprabhu’s Nirvana Anniversary and the Mahabharata’s Uttaradhyayana Sutra – the last discourse.

Hargobind Singh, the sixth guru of the Sikh religion, was captured and imprisoned by the Mughal emperor Aurangdev. He was eventually released from prison because of his strong opposition to countless Sikhs. The Golden Temple was then decorated with lamps to welcome him. The Sikh community is celebrating this Diwali as a day of enlightenment from the dark. Traditionally on this day the Sikhs make the pilgrimage to Goindwal Sahib Gurdwara. This day is celebrated as the day of the release of the sixth Guru for the Sikhs. Divya Janani is worshiped in various forms throughout India on Diwali. Diwali Maa Kali is worshiped in Bengal, Assam, Odisha and Bihar. Karthik Krishna Triodashi is also worshiped from the night in Tantric and Shakta terms. It is celebrated on various energy platforms, including clay sculptures.


In other parts of India, it is the time of Diwali Lakshmi Puja. In particular, in northern India, the goddess is worshiped in the form of Mahalakshmi. It is celebrated as a major festival in all these areas. Mithila is worshiped in Mithila and Nepal during this festival. Diwali is celebrated during the Kartik New Moon. This festival is celebrated by almost everyone. At home, lamps are lit that day, and arrows are fired. Shraddha is performed. The cake is made. There are many myths and legends about Diwali. This Diwali New Moon is popularly known as the New Moon. In the true age, Lord Ramachandra killed Ravana and rescued Sita and returned to Ayodhya. All the men and women of Ayodhya lit various lights of joy for the victory of the truth over the untruth of Sriram. The festival has been celebrated since that day. In northern India, devotees of Purushottam Ramachandra celebrate this day in great solemnity. According to the ‘Festival Theory’, a astrologer once predicted that Lord Shriram, in the dark Karnataka (cotton) month-dark Krishna, would come in secret to stab Amarati as a catastrophic misfortune. The black light of the black side of Rajnagar, Ayodhya, was carefully lit and the conspiracy of the black snake was thwarted.

The giant king was a great sacrifice. He donated so much that the bear fell among the gods of heaven, because as a result of his virtue he could become the ruler of heaven. So defending the deities, Vishnu took the dwarf incarnation and approached Baliraj and asked him for three feet of land. The earth with one foot, the heaven with one foot, and the sacrifice with the third foot. So he went to the underworld. Then he heard the prayer of the sacrifice and made the sacrifice in hell. Vishnu agreed to come to Martyapur once a year to see the people and offer sacrifices to the people. So on that day the people of the world light the lamp of joy.
Lord Vishnu begged Bhaktaprahlad for Indrapada, and he humbly refused, giving his grandson Baliraja the ‘Indrapada’ on this day. So the monsters celebrated by lighting candles, arrows, fireworks.
Birochan’s son, Bali, defeated Indra and the Marutas and conquered Tribhuvan. He was famous for his donations, and he donated whatever he asked for. Under the influence of his virtues and donations, he sat down to exterminate Indra and the gods. Indra and the gods were terrified. The sacrifice was a famous sacrifice. At the end of this sacrifice, all the energy and speed of Indra and the gods will go away. Lord Vishnu took refuge in his immediate solution. Vishnu received three people as a dwarf from the sacrifice. Mayabhishnu trampled the arrogant in the third step in a charitable act. He promised that once a year of sacrifice, Karthik Shukla would be able to come to Earth on Pratipada Day. When he arrives, the people of the land will celebrate him with lamps and rejoice. That lighting ceremony was later transformed into a Diwali celebration.

Krishna killed the oppressive Narkasur on the fourteenth day, so the festival of light was celebrated with joy. This day is called Hell Fourteenth. On this day, it is customary to bathe in perfume on all bodies at sunrise.
In the Dwapar period, Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakasur and rescued the sixty thousand princesses and took Satyabhama to heaven to return Indramata to the Manikundala abducted by Narakasur. At Satyabhama’s request, he went to fetch a sapling of the Parijat tree and returned to Dwarka on this day, defeating all the gods alone with Indra. So the people of Dwarka welcomed the Lord, decorated the whole city with lamps, and fired arrows to celebrate the victory. According to the Ruk Veda, the earth was once submerged in deep darkness. In time, the earth became illuminated by the sun’s rays. Diwali is celebrated to commemorate this.

Abul Fazil, a well-known Mughal historian, mentions the Mughal-era merchant, Alok Jhalant, and Akshakrida-based Diwali. The long bamboo pot of the Mughal emperor in Albaruni suggests that the ancient sky lamps kept in the Baroda Museum are lit in the past to celebrate the Diwali. According to Nagananda, the immortal drama of the Kanak dynasty king Harshavardhana, Diwali is celebrated in the Chanakya and Chola dynasties. The Guptadha has been practiced since Diwali in his memory as the Gupta dynasty emperor Vikramaditya II ascended the throne on the holy day of Diwali.
In Odisha, on this day, Kauriya burns wood after giving a mass for a big purpose. Kauria pronounces when burning wood:
Badabadua Ho
Andharare Asa Aluare Ja.
Purushottam re Mahaprasad Khai
Baishi Pabche Gadgadau Tha ‘.

The Father shows the man the light and prays for the people of heaven to return. Numerous devotees also donated mass on the Baishi steps that day and lit Kauriya wood. Wishing for the blessings of the fathers.

Pitrulokam Parityajya
Agatha tJe Mahalaye
Ujjwale Jyotisham Marge
Prapadyanto brajantute.

Diwali is a public holiday in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guinea, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore, and Fiji.




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