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Dhabaleshwar Shiva Temple

Dhabaleshwar Shiva Temple2

Dhabaleshwar Shiva Temple is a Mahadev temple located in Cuttack district of Odisha. From Bhubaneswar, you can reach Dhabaleswar Island through Barang and Naraz or through Cuttack Chaudhwar. Dhabaleswar Island is famous for Dhabaleswar Mahadev. The distance from Bhubaneswar to Dhabaleswar is 52 km and from Cuttack to 27 km. The island is surrounded by rivers. The island is accessible by boat and swing pole. As it is a Shaiva peetha, it is celebrated on Mahashivratri and Shital Sasthi and Ashokastami Mahadambar. Other festivals are also celebrated here. Strong crowds are observed here on Mondays, especially in the month of Kartik. Like the Puri Sree Mandir, mass offerings are made to the ancestors here. Strong devotees congregate here, especially on the eve of the month of Kartik. Five years ago, people were coming here by boat. But in view of the growing number of tourists and the growing number of accidents in the month of Kartik, the Government of Odisha has built a footpath here. It is the longest footpath in Asia. There is also an oversight building here by the government. Since it is an island, its natural beauty is quite picturesque. Winter is a good time to go if you don’t have cloudy weather. There is also the opportunity of Nauka Bihar. The view of the Dhabaleswar temple from the river is breathtaking.



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