Dasashwamedha Ghat


Dasashwamedha Ghat....

Dasashwamedha Ghat is located on the banks of the Baitarani River. The ghat is located near the Barah temple in Jajpur. It is believed that the king of the Yayati dynasty, Keshari, invited the Brahmins from far and wide to perform the Ashwamedha sacrifice. The place has a lot of significance for ancestral massage and burial. There are many temples around the ghat. The Saptamatrika Peetha is located near Dasashwamedha Ghat on the Baitarani River in Jajpur. The ghat on the banks of the Baitarani River is a monument to Jayati Keshari. There are temples of many deities here as the Baruni bath is adjacent to this ghat. The mothers in the Saptamatrika temple on Dashaswamedha Ghat are Chamunda, Barahi, Indrani, Vaishnavi, Brahmi, Koumari, Maheshwari, Narsinghi. Goddess Chamunda Pratasana. There is a ghost at his feet. Her name is Chamunda because she killed Chand and Chand. Then there is Devi Barahi. The goddess appeared from the body of Durga during the bloodshed. This goddess is Meenshi Bahini. There is a sheep under his feet. The goddess who exists next to her is Indrani Shakti. He has a yard near his feet. In the power of Indra, the goddess took the lightning and landed on the battlefield. In fourth place is Matrika Vaishnavi. The excuse of this goddess is the eagle. The idol he worships is Brahmi, whose excuse is swan. The girl is in sixth place. The goddess fought in the peacock’s carriage, carrying the power of Karthikeya. So the peacock is adorned under his feet. The mother goddess in the seventh place was Maa Maheshwari. His excuse is bulls. The mother is present, holding the best trident holder, Sarparaj Basuki, in the form of a tax bracelet. In the end, Narasimha’s power is there, with Narasimha Narsingh carrying a terrible body. The Jagannath Temple is located on the Dasaswamedha Ghat and the temple of Siddhi Ganesha is on its north side.
The temple is facing north while Ganesha is facing north. Such a huge Ganesha idol is nowhere to be found in Odisha. The scriptures state that seeing this liberator Ganesha destroys all obstacles. On the west side of the Ganesha temple, five steps down the north gate from the Jagannath fence. The rectangular altar that is found there is called the inner altar. It is believed that lying on the altar of a person who is lying on the deathbed and drinking the mantra water brings Baikuntha. As it is not always possible, the altar is touched and taken to the cemetery for cremation. The name of the altar is that the soul dies at the altar at the time of death. Lord Brahma is worshiped at Baruni Padia as Brahma is worshiped at Pushkar Tirtha. Elsewhere in India, pig worship is not found. Devotees visit Baruni that day after taking a bath. It is believed that by doing so, one gets rid of various sins.




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