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Champakeshwar Shiva Temple

Champakeshwar Shiva Temple......

Champakeshwar Shiva Temple is a Shiva temple in Ambika Sahi, Old Bhubaneswar. The temple is located on the west side of the Parshurameshwar temple on the right bank of the Kotitirtheshwar road, 157 meters west of the Bindusagara. The locals believe that the Shivalinga worshiped in this temple is underworld and the Champa snakes live in the temple without biting anyone. For this reason, the name of Diya is Champakeshwar. The temple dates back to the 13th century. The temple was prominent during the reign of the Ganges dynasty. Shivratri, Jalshayi, Rudrabhishek, Sankranti etc. are celebrated in the temple. Other rituals such as vows, partisanship, and home are also performed here. There is a wall of laterite stone around the main wall. The temple houses the Bishwanath Temple on the south, the Kotitirtheshwar pond on the east and the houses on the north.

The temple’s plane and Jagmohan are 11.5 meters long and 6.00 meters wide. It is built in the style of Pancharatha. The area of ​​the plane, Jagmohan and the range is 4.50, 6.00 and 0.55 square meters. Jagmohan is ugly while the airplane is in style. The temple is Panchangabad. Its five parts are the lower part, the lower thigh, the ligament, the upper thigh, and the verandah. The palate has hooves, aquariums, jaws, ears and springs. The west, north and south rails are the same in size. It has a height of 0.85 m, a width of 0.47 m and a depth of 0.34 m. There is no deity on the side of the Trinity. The unfinished doors in the temple were later merged. There are no new idols. There is no artwork in the section. There are a few carvings on the thighs. The porch is also artless. At the bottom of the gorge are three small line banks in the Raha weather. The wall in the middle of it is relatively high. It is very common for small parts of the land to be left unchecked. There are four types of soil conditions in particle weather. There is a statue of Udyot Singh around Gandhi Raha Pagar.

The laterite bankruptcy is believed to have been a panchayat in the west. On one side of the temple is a statue of Karthik in a standing position. The lower left hand is broken while the upper left hand is placed on a chicken. The chicken was caught by a small woman. There is an old well in front of the temple. It is 5.25 meters deep.



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