Chaitra Mangalbar Osha

ଚୈତ୍ର ମଙ୍ଗଳବାର ଓଷା

Chaitra is celebrated every Tuesday of the month of Osha Chaitra. Legend has it that Chaiti Hadiani sweeps the door every Tuesday of the month of Chaitra. Mangala is worshiped in a variety of fruits, flowers, wine, meat and food. One day Rajanbar went to pick him up. Chaiti Hadiani fears that it will be ugly to see the king’s face in the morning, because the king is unborn. Unable to restrain himself, he called the king to his knees. As a result, the king became enraged and ordered the seven sons of Chaiti Hadiani to be thrown into a ditch and thrown into a black hole. Although he lost his sons, he was devastated and worshiped Chaiti Mangala with wine and meat. Dub Prasad took Ma Prasad and threw him in a black hole. By the grace of the mother, all the children survived, who played the drums and who played the drums. Chaiti Hadiani has repeatedly called the king knee-deep. The king became angry and sentenced his sons to death. Every time Chaiti Hadiani sprinkles Dub Prasad, it saves them. Finally, King Chaiti heard the glory of Osha on Tuesday from Chaiti Hadiani. His unmarried queen Mangala Osha performed according to the rules and became a daughter.




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