Byanjana Dwadashi


Byanjana Dwadashi

In the Oriya register, Shukla Paksha Dwadashi is known as Dwadashi or Akhand Dwadashi. It is believed that the deeds performed on this twelfth day will definitely bear fruit. The dish is a major festival of the followers of the Vaisnava community of the twelfth Gaudiya. The day is dedicated to Krishna. One day, Yashoda’s mother suddenly noticed that Kahn’s body had collapsed. Her mother’s eyes were filled with dry black wood. At that, the mother was devastated. He thought he was doing this without eating or drinking. From there, Yashoda went to the kitchen herself and prepared a variety of nutritious and delicious dishes to feed Krishna. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is also rumored to have eaten a variety of foods from his mother’s childhood as a child. Combining these two narratives, the Gaudish Vaishnavas observe the Dwadashi with devotion. The story of Yashoda and Krishna of the Dwapar era is played in various monasteries in Krishna Leela, Puri. Especially in Matamath. To commemorate Krishna and Yashoda, the Mata Math or Gaur Bihar Ashram in Puri sometimes consumes 505, sometimes 606 and sometimes 555 different types of dishes in different years. This number changes every year. All these foods are offered to Krishna. Hundreds of dishes have been prepared at the ashram for the past few years. Every year, more than 30 inmates at the ashram prepare food for Lord Krishna. These include more than 50 types of food, more than 50 types of pulses, more than 100 types of vegetables, more than 50 types of fries and more than 100 types of cakes and sweets. After the ashram residents cut the family leaves and the ancillary preparations, the bhoga preparation begins at 2 p.m. Prasad is then distributed among the devotees. Specially designed khalipatra is used to serve such dishes.
Apart from Gaur Bihar, a variety of food is prepared and enjoyed at the Shrimandir and other monastery temples in Shrikshetra. Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are served in more than 400 dishes.




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