Buddha Purnima


Buddha Purnima

Buddha Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Baishakh. Therefore, this full moon is called the Buddhist full moon. Although Buddhism and festivals are low, the twelve full moon days of the year are very auspicious days for rituals such as worship, worship, meditation and meditation. Buddhists fast on every full moon day, except for prayer and meditation, until special worship. Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born on the same day as Buddha’s jubilee, and became a Buddhist and attained Nirvana (Moksha). Gautama Buddha’s words, graves, wisdom and truth, non-violence and compassion have touched everyone, regardless of nationality or religion. Buddhism has been practiced in the areas of religion, culture, literature and morals in Odisha. Among the ten incarnations of Vishnu, Buddha is also an incarnation. Buddhists from different parts of Odisha gather on the full moon day of the Buddha in Dhuligiri and the Buddhist monastery in Bhubaneswar. A seeker of eternal peace and bliss in the Nirvana or liberation of Buddhism. Silence and silence are essential for meditation, which is the basis of Buddhist practice. The Baishakh Purnima, which falls on the Buddha Jayanti, is also known as the Chandan Purnima.




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