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Bata Osha

Bata Osha2

Bata Osha or Danda Pahra Osha is celebrated on the second day of the month of Poushma Krishna. This Osha is celebrated for the sake of the King. Every mother fasts at night to make her sons live longer, swims in the thunderstorms, and sweeps her sons. Indra’s invincible weapon is lightning. There is a saying, “Mothers wish their children a long life and swim around the Osha Mandap with lightning.” According to mythology, the god of death, Yam, is very harsh and cruel, and according to the actions of the creature, he is punished with death. Pouring hot oil into the pan, pouring hot oil into her eyes and ears; The scoundrels are tortured by scorpions, crabs, and snakes by hanging them from a tree. To prevent all this from happening and to please Yum, create a path Osha or Danda Pahara Osha. As it is an agricultural festival, offerings of new paddy cakes mandapitha, mudhi, khai, mua, chuda, banana, radish, sugarcane, karmanga, tuber, tus and kunda are offered. The villagers dig holes in the streets, place idols of vermilion in a bowl, hold the cloak around it, place it on the thunderbolt, cover it with cloth, and worship the god Yam by chanting Brahmins. The mother then remembers Yam wishing her children a long life.

The king of Kosala, Sudarshan and Queen Lilavati, were both philanthropic and patriotic, but were saddened by the lack of children. The wise Brahmin advised astrologers to give birth to a son if he was satisfied with the use of astrology or bathing. After receiving a gift from the housewives of the kingdom of Osha, the queen became pregnant and had a good son, named Birsen. But after the birth, the queen abducted Yam Bersen because she no longer wanted to follow in the footsteps of the goddess, and asked her mother to kill her and cook and feed her. Then Yam went to bathe. Meanwhile, Yam’s mother taught Birsen to fill his nose with two pieces of snow and to sneeze during worship. Birsen, according to Yammata, sniffed and stuffed his nose. At this point, the mother-in-law told her to be calm. As a result, Yamdev left Birsen’s mother at home, telling Birsen’s mother that he would take her back without killing her. Asked why he was Russian, the family was overjoyed to see Birsen, but he replied, “You told me you had caught me because I forgot about Osha.” Finally, in the royal palace, mother Kaushalya paved the way for Yamdev, swam away, and wished her son a long life. The rules of the puja are that all the offerings will be taken to the puja mandapa and the greed will be displeasing if the greed is kept at home. At the end of the puja, all offerings are to be distributed among children, the elderly and the family.



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