Barunei Temple


Barunei Temple

The famous Barunei Hills are a major tourist attraction in Khordha. Filled with Kundapathar, the hill is 7 km long and 800 meters wide. The height of the hill is about 304.8 meters.
Ma Barunei’s temple is located 150 feet high in the slopes of Baruneipahad. The two sisters or two goddesses worshiped in this temple are Barunei and Karunei. The Barunei throne, built of Kalamuguni stone, sits on the left and on the right side of the Karunei throne. Each statue, dressed in battle costume, is 18 inches high. Adal Kund flows to the foot of the spring through the goddess’s navel. Its water is used as a shoe. The pie is served daily with cakes and milk. During the Raj festival, a huge fair is held here for 4 days and special worship of the goddess is performed.

Legend has it that the two goddesses helped the Gajapati of Odisha against the British government. The two sisters were living in the fort, killing British soldiers entering the narrow wall. Gajapati was defeated when the British found out and succeeded in defiling the two idols and weakening them. Other places of interest carrying mythology are: Pandava caves, Pandava caves and Pandava hara. Pandava Hara: It is known as the Pandava Baha because the Pandavas lost the animal feud between the Pandavas and Kauravas. The stone that existed in Barunei during Sri Ramachandra’s exile is known as the Shriram Stone. The goddess Sita washed the pot at the end of the cooking process and said that the water would not dry here until it was created.




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