Astasambhu Pitha

ଅଷ୍ଟଶମ୍ଭୁ ପୀଠ

Astasambhu Pitha

The ancient Ashtasambhu Peetha is located in the village of Kualo in the Parajang block of the Kamakshanagar sub-division of Dhenkanal district of Odisha. New energy was created in the 1990s, as energy around the penis was destroyed. The height of the main temple, which was demolished, is about eighty feet high. There is a statue of Gangayamuna at the door of the Kankeshwar temple and a statue of Ardhanarishwar on the west wall. Dashbhuja Mahishmardini Durga is located in a special place on the east side of the pedestal. This goddess is known as Kankeshwari or Kanakdurga. The eight Yak Shiva temples and the Kanakdurga temple were located on a stone floor. The ancient name of Kuala Lumpur is Kodalak Nagar. It was the capital of the Shulki flute kings. While the landowners ruled in Odisha, the taxpayers ruled the Kodala Mandal as feudal kings under them. Shaiva devotees built eight Shiva temples in Kodalak Nagar. It is believed to have been built in the eighth and ninth centuries.




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