Anla Ekadashi


Anla Ekadashi

Falgun Shukla Ekadashi is celebrated as Ala Ekadashi. In the scriptures, the almond tree is said to be the best. According to mythology, Vishnu gave birth to Brahma for creation, at which time the Aula tree was born. Vishnu himself established the Aula tree as a tribal tree. Hindus believe that God is present in every part of the universe. On the eleventh day of the month, the devotee performs the Ekadashi vow by meditating on the idol of Lord Vishnu after completing his daily activities for the sake of the pleasure and salvation of Lord Vishnu. The palm tree should be worshiped after the worship of God. On this day the golden incarnation of Parshuram, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu, is formally worshiped. On the twelfth day, the Brahmins are offered the Parshuram idol by celebrating the Ekadashi Brat. “Animals who wish for heaven and salvation should perform the Ekadashi vows on the side of Falgun Shukla,” God said.




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