Akshay Trutiya

ଅକ୍ଷୟ ତୃତୀୟା

Akshay Trutiya

The third day of Baishakh Shukla is known as Akshay III. This day is officially celebrated as Farmers’ Day at the government level. Farmers celebrate it as a day of great purification and fulfillment. On this day, the farmer begins the farming process by adapting the Akshimuthi (Akshayamuthi) during nectar. On this day, good deeds such as house building, nirvandha, marriage, and upanayan are performed on this day. The farmer takes his wife, who is sowing turmeric, sandalwood, and vermilion, a new gown with rice in his head in the middle of a conch shell, and goes to the field with a plow in a new basket. There, enjoying the Lakshmi Thakurani, the offering is planted in the north corner of the kiari and planted in a handful of seed kiari. This is called eye contact. Sadhva women worship the ‘goddess’ on this day.




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