Akhandalamani Temple

ଆଖଣ୍ଡଳମଣୀ ମନ୍ଦିର

Akhandalamani Temple

The Akhandalmani temple is a major Shaiva pith located in the RD of Bhadrak district in Odisha. It is located at RD on the banks of the Baitarani River and 40 km from the city of Bhadrak. Far away. The temple of Akhandaleshwar or Akhandalmani or Babamani is located at the confluence of the Baitarani and Salandi rivers. It is possible to travel from Chandbali by boat to the Baitarani River. It takes 2 hours by boat from Chandbali to RD. You can also take a bus from Bhubaneswar.

Niladri Samarasingh, the then zamindar, one day ordered a halua named Anant to plow his land. After plowing for a while, the plow suddenly broke into an object under the ground. Suddenly there was a thunderstorm in the sky, and there was a great thunderstorm. As the iron plate collapsed, the terrain around the eternal object, terrified of a sudden change in nature, shifted to the ground. He saw a stream of blood flowing from the body of a black stone to the Baitarani River. He then went and told the landlord all the details. Zamindar Samarasingh took some villagers to the spot. At that time, Baba Akhandalmani appeared in the form of Shivalinga by shouting the word Ai. The place was renamed because of the roaring of the word Ai. There was a wound in the penis and everyone saw blood dripping from the place and a snake was bathing in the khir as it rained heavily on Shiva’s head. He was buried as Akhandaleshwar from the time of Dwapar. As a result of the plowing of the plow, he disappeared in the form of a penis. From then on, Mahaprabhu became known as the God of the universe, Akhandaleshwar, or Akhandalmani or Babamani. He established the Shivalinga at the behest of God. Five Brahmins were brought from Nahara village in Jajpur to worship. Shibboleth was protected by a palm tree roof. A few days later, the landlord, with the help of villagers, built a wooden temple. In a short time, the miracles of Lord Akhandaleshwar were spread throughout the country and devotees gathered from different places. This place was considered a blessing from God.

At that time, Harihar Bhanjdeo, the king of Rajaknika, was suffering from a deadly eye disease. Everything failed. He thought that the blessings of Lord Akhandaleshwar could cure his disease, so he came and fell in love with Akhandaleshwar. Lord Akhandaleshwar came to him in a dream and showed him the way to cure the disease. Eventually, with God’s blessing, the king recovered. According to his mind, he tried to build a stone temple of Lord Akhandaleshwar. It is still difficult to build a stone temple in a desert like RD. Only with the use of stone fragments and lime could a concrete temple be built. The rock was found in the Nilgiri hills, 100 km from RD. The rocks were taken to the RD by the Baitarani River. The king made all the initial arrangements for the construction of the temple. Then there he dug a pond called Shivganga. The pond also dug a canal connecting the Souha River, now known as Shiva Mahar. The canal began to be used for the construction of the temple. The temple, which was started by her husband after the demise of King Harihar Bhanjdeo in 1936, was completed by Queen Satyabhama Patmahadei. The temple is 50 feet high and has a white color.
According to government documents, there was a wooden temple in RD until 1936, and the present stone temple was built. After the temple was built of stone, God was placed there. But there was no facade there. Later, a saint named Darshan Das built a facade. Later, the government built the present Bhog Mandapa in the temple and other necessary houses.

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