Akhadachandi Temple

Akhadachandi Temple..

Akhadachandi Mandir is a 10th century temple located in Bhubaneswar, the capital of the Indian state of Odisha. It is located in the Bada Sahi area near the southwest coast of the Bindusagara Pond.
Mahisasuramardhini is worshiped here as a deity. The temple is 15 meters east of the Markandeshwar temple and 30 meters northwest of the Mohini temple. The south side of the temple is facing south, with the face of the goddess facing east. The temple celebrates festivals such as Durgastami and Balbhoga. The temple is run by the Bhubaneswar municipality. The temple is in good condition after repairs by the state government’s archeology department.
The temple is made of fine sandstone in the Kalinga architecture. The main temple is square in shape and is called the Khakra Deul. It has a height of 42.94 meters. From the bottom to the top, the temple is called Bala, Gandi and the head.
The doors to the temple are covered with bronze carvings. In addition to the main gate, the two doors on the east and north sides of the temple are the same size.




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