32 Greatest Unknown Amazing Facts about Odisha

32 Greatest Unknown Amazing Facts about Odisha

Odisha is a unique combination of beautiful locations, exotic cultures and warm & friendly people. Here are the Greatest Amazing Unknown Facts about Odisha.

1. First defence experiment station establishment before independence..Now DRDO Chandipur.

2. Only war of international standard fought here near Bhubaneswar..The Kalinga War against Ashok in India

3. Indian largest occurance of Iron ore, Bauxite, Manganese,Chromite and Nickel.

4. The oldest lighthouse of bay of Bengal is in Hukitola of Kendrapara district.

5. Unknown force of sea tide and sea goes an went back of nearly 3 km is only phenomena in Chandipur beach of Balasore district.

5. Chilika of Puri district is the largest brackish water lake is largest in Asia of its kind.

6. Hirakud dam of Sambalpur is longest earthen dam in world.

7. Konark sun temple is the only grand sun temple in world among many sun temples.

8. Odia is the only classical language of Indo aryan origin and only language that most resemblances with Sanskrit

9. Puri Jagannath temple having largest kitchen in world that serve 10000 peoples to 1000000 people based on different occasion.

10. Indias oldest classical dance Odissi belongs to Odisha.

11. The incredible railway journey from Rayaguda to Koraput is only of its kind in India perhaps World that can be felt during the journey.

12. Bhitarkanika is home to many flora and fauna of mangrove forest..the famous being worlds longest salt water crocodile.

13. In mythology Odisha is home to 3 shaktipeeth among 51 are Bimla temple at puri,Biraja temple at Jajpur town and Tara tarini at Ganjam district.

14. First state India having electricity reformation and privatization for proper transmission of electricity.

15. Home to largest number of tribal communities of different caste of whole India.Some being as indegenious as like native of Andaman or Congo and some are most modern tribed in India like Munda oraon.

16. Lingaraj temple is the oldest monument temple in India at Bhubaneswar.

17. Odisha is home to India’s largest number of Manuscript.

18. Record revel that Odisha Koraput district is the only district in India is largest preservative and practices of idigenous paddy variety of species. This is already recorded by International union of conservation of flora and fauna.

19. Simlipal of Mayurbhanj district is only forest in world having maximum orchid variety and having some some rarest and endangered species of flora and fauna that found nowhere in earth.

20. Odisha is home to one of the university of world the Puspagiri university near udaygiri of jajpur district is as old as Nalanda university of Bihar

21. Odisha is largest manufacture of handlooms. The notable place are Bargarh, Sambalpur,Berhampur,Cuttack and Pipli.

22. Nandan Kanan is one of the largest zoo in India that get first Internationalrecognization.It is the only zoo having white tiger Safari.

23. Odisha is home to India’s two largest waterfall one is in core forest of simlipal other is Pradhanpat in Keonjhar district.

24. Odisha is home to many hills with highest point like Mahendragiri, Deomali and Malayagiri.

25. Odisha is first state to reform electricity and privatization for proper management of it.

26. Odisha is origin to different delicious sweets and snacks like the most famous Rasagulla Chenapoda  Chennajhilli Kheeri  Chennagaja Rasabali and others.

27. Odisha Chausath Jogini temple is one of the oldest tantrik site in India as mentioned in tantrik text and mythology.

28. Nalco plant in Angul district is largest aluminium plant in Asia.

29. Rourkela steel plant is only modern steel plant of GOI establishment by collabaration of Germany and only of its kind in Asia.

30. HAL Sunabeda is the largest unit of HAL and production of MIG engine.

31. Odisha is only state in India least influnced by invaders, colonialism and brahmnic influence.

32. Odisha is very ancient & the oldest rocks (from Mayurbhanj) date back to 3 billion years (Our planet is believed to be 4.5 billion years old)

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