10 unique Handicrafts of Odisha every Odia should know

10 unique Handicrafts of Odisha every Odia should know

Odisha is famous for its Arts and Crafts. These remarkably captured photos of Odisha’s artisans will make you proud of the splendid cultural traditions of Odisha.

2. Lady Artisan doing Appliqué work at Pipili, one of the most well known handicraft of Odisha.

3. Artisan working on an unique art of Odisha, Patachitra at Raghurajpur.

4. The Famous Sambalpuri or IKAT sari weaving at Haradukhol, Sonepur.

5. Lady working on delatils of a Straw Art Frame at Jiral, Dhenkanal. A relatively new from of art developed by women of Jiral.

6. The most remarkable and recognized handicraft of Odisha, Stone Carving at Bhubaneswar.

7. A lady making lacquerwares at Nabarangpur, Odisha, A famous handicraft of Odisha mostly practiced by women in the comfort of their home in leisure.

8. Women cutting threads for making IKAT (Sambalpuri) Saree at Haradukhol, Sonepur, Odisha.

9. An old-man weaving Maniabandha saree at Maniabandha, Athagarh.

10. Dhokra Metal Casting Craft at Nabajaubanpur, Dhenkanal.

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