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10 Typical Odia Food that are Delicious and Mouth-Watering

Odisha is a land of diversities, may it be the matter of culture, food, costumes or places. Odisha is known for its delightful cuisines and has a wide variety of food items to offer. Odisha is famous for its sweets like rasagulla, malpua and pithas like arisa, enduri, podapitha, chittau, etc. There are many more odia dishes that will surely leave a mark in your heart for a lifetime.

Fullodisha.com has got you 10 such chosen Odia recipes that you just couldn’t resist. Plz Browse through the Pages to View them.

1. Maccha Chhencheda (Mudhhi Ghanta)

It’s a dish that is made using fish (mainly head), prawn and some veggies like potato, cabbage, tomato and channa dal. The kind of masala used in it gives it a great flavor.

2. Matti Handi Mansa

It is mutton marinated with spices and simmered in an earthen pot (‘mati handi’) for an hour on a traditional hearth, till it is cooked. It tastes best when eaten with chakuli pitha.

3. Pakhala, badi churra

Pakhala is nothing but water rice. You can add lemon or curd to pakhala to make it taste better. It is the best dish for summer in every odia house along with badi chura.

4. Sajana saga

It’s a dish prepared by frying drumstick leaves with mung, shredded coconut and some spices. It tastes great when eaten alongside pakhala.

5. Chingudi Poi Tarkari

It’s a dish made from Poi saga and stems and small size prawns and spices according to taste. This dish is a fabulous delight when served with hot rice.

6. Arua bhata, dalma

This dish is famous in every odia household and is eaten mostly in fasting days. Dalma, a dish made of dal and different veggies is served with rice, particularly arua bhata.

7. Bandha kobi – chingudi sukhua

Made of cabbage and dried prawn (sukhua), this is mostly a lunch dish eaten along with rice items.

8. Oou khata

Elephant apple (oou) is a odia vegetable that is used in dalma or dal sometimes. Oou is mostly famous for its khata, which is sweet and sour in taste.

9. Chunna machha bhaja

Being prepared by deep frying smelts (chunna machha) with mustard and other spices, this dish is good to eat with pakhala.

10. Chhena poda, chenna  jhili

Poda is made of chhena, sugar, cashew and raisins and is baked for several hours. Jhili (famous sweet from Nimapada) is made by frying cheese in sugar syrup.

Aren’t all of them so yummy ? Let us know in comments which one is your Favourite Odia Food?

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